Dragon Age 2 confirmed: is this a good thing?

Play-mag says: "EA seemed to inadvertently confirm the existence of Dragon Age 2 recently, leading us to ask: why should we care? Do we even want more swords-and-sorcery nonsense? Is this a good thing at all?"

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Letros3078d ago

Anything BioWare is always a good thing.

BeaArthur3078d ago

Agreed, I don't think I have played a Bioware game I didn't like.

Kahvipannu3078d ago

DA, ME, JadeEmpire, Kotor, BG, and so on.. 100% agreement here.

Abriael3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

...When it works.

It's a good thing that a sequel will be released. It's NOT a good thing that it's been announced before the first game even works correctly for most PC users. Between glitches, bugs, crashes to desktop and freezes happening randomly to a lot of users (no matter if their rig is way above the recommended specs), me included, it's obvious that too many resources have been spent working on the sequel and on nickel and dime DLCs instead of using them on actually fixing the game.

Personally i crash to desktop every 3-5 minutes since the release of 1.3 (which means I couldn't enjoy Awakenings yet), and i find the news of a sequel pretty aggravating given that I still don't know when the many issues of the game I already paid for will be solved.

Christopher3078d ago

I go based on my own experience in these cases. I've put in over 200 hours with Dragon Age on the PC. No crashes. No glitches. Tons of freaking good RP and tactical combat fun.

I'm not saying the experience with others isn't what they say it is, but for me to go based on what others say rather than what I've experienced myself? Doesn't make sense.

Abriael3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Unless you just decide that a great many people are into a big collective conspiracy to lie about Dragon Age and intentionally attack Bioware's reputation, you may want to consider that a lot of customers aren't sharing your "flawless" experience.

The problem is exactly that the people that suffer from gamebreaking issues are absolutely random. There's no identifiable cause. My rig is WAY above the recommended specs, i don't run extra-new or 64 bit OSs that might spawn problems (i have XP), all my drivers are costantly updated, i have no viruses. Yet I can't play this game for more than 5 minutes at a time since 1.3. Many others are on my same boat.
The only identifiable cause for this is sloppy coding, optimization and testing on Bioware's part, and that's something I find very contemptible since almost 9 months from release we still don't have a patch to solve the biggest issues, and we don't even know when it'll happen. On the other hand, we've been showered with DLCs and they have been developing a sequel for quite a long time. That's some very skewed priorities right there.

In the end, when a computer is well kept and above the required specs, it's the developer's responsibility to make sure that a game works well on it.

This time you were lucky, next time the russian roulette might be aimed to your face instead of mine.

Also, you might not be crashing, but you still suffer from a ton of story/quest/continuity/ruleset bugs that affect all versions of the game, like Alistair just deciding that he's king during the finale when your choices didn't lead to that and quite a few others.
More sloppy coding/testing, and still not solved.

PS: I've been a bioware loyal fan since Baldur's. If there's someone that would LOVE to say nothing but good things about their games that'd be me.

@ below: i disagree with the notion that taking in account other people's experience "doesn't make sense".
If a game worked decently for me, but I hear and read a whole ton of people that are having big issues (looking at the tech support forums is enough), I'll still be quite wary about my next purchase, and I'll still consider the developer's actions quite contemptible in their obsession for creating more revenue while so many of their customers/fans aren't able to enjoy their product agfter 8-9 months. I don't think that's acceptable. My personal experience is beyond the point.

Christopher3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

***Unless you just decide that a great many people are into a big collective conspiracy to lie about Dragon Age and intentionally attack Bioware's reputation, you may want to consider that a lot of customers aren't sharing your "flawless" experience. ***

Where did I say anyone was lying? Read my second paragraph, honestly.

My experience has been near flawless. There have been a few bugs, but so minor that it has done absolutely nothing to sour my experience with the game (some combat actions don't stick as well as they should). So, when I consider whether or not I'm going to buy the next game, I'm going to go based on my experience and not on the experience of others.

That's it. Obviously your experience and the experience of others are going to vary greatly from mine, but that's life.

I'm disappointed that you disagree with me solely because my experience differed from yours. I don't disagree with your experience or your viewpoint, I only shared one different from yours.

Christopher3078d ago

***i disagree with the notion that taking in account other people's experience "doesn't make sense". ****

One of the most valuable things to learn about the Internet? The people who have problems talk the loudest and the most online. I don't disregard their claims, but there's no way I can look at my experience with the game and compare it to the majority of others who have experienced their issues. Especially knowing that people like me aren't going around posting on the technical forums how well the game played for us.

If I like the taste of pizza at one store and my friends don't, it doesn't mean I shouldn't eat it anymore.

Good luck in your gaming.

Abriael3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Just like many people like you don't waste their time to go say positive things about the game on the forums, many people like me don't waste theirs going to complain. They simply shelve the game and don't look back.

And believe me, there's PLENTY people that LOVE to respond to people complaining about not being able to enjoy the game by spamming how great the game is and how great it works for them. Without even noticing that such kind of talk is actually quite aggravating for people that aren't enjoying the game they paid for.

"This isn't working for me, it crashes, it's buggy etc. Can we know when it'll be fixed, Bioware?"
"No, it's perfect!"
"Yeah, but you see, on my computer and in quite a lot of others it crashes... I'd just like to know when I'll be able to play it"
"No, it's perfect!"

The forums are full of those as much as they are full of people complaining. I disagree that the people that talk the loudest are always the complainers. Fanboys talk very loud and a lot as well (and normally haunt the forums much more often and longer), especially after 8 months, when most of the people that had issues just begrudgingly moved on.

To take up your own analogy, if I like the taste of pizza in a store, but a friend of mine finds a cockroach in it, i AM going to be quite wary about the hygenic conditions of the store :D

BubbRubb3078d ago

yo, my man abriael wasnt even talking to you. why u gotta butt in and start playin the victim? nobody said you shouldnt enjoy the game. he just said he hopes they fix the game, and you descend from the heavens all holier-than-thou and start getting defensive.

on topic: dragon age 2 whoop whooooooop!

Christopher3078d ago

***yo, my man abriael wasnt even talking to you.***

Because this is a site about discussing... and I was sharing my opinion... ?

WTF else would I be doing here?

CrzyFooL3078d ago

True. I did encounter about every bug possible when playing the Awakening expansion and crashed to my desktop nearly 100 times. However when I look back on the complete experience of Dragon Age Origins, I am in no way disappointed. I simply want more, and BioWare simply needs better QA before they release expansions and such.

Patches!? We don't need no stinkin' patches!!

LilSis3078d ago Show
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RAZORLAND3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

damn, Im not done getting the most out of DA:O. but hell, bring it on...

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dizzleK3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

i'd rather have ad&d archetype "swords and sorcery nonsense" than spiky haired, big sword wielding shims and androgynoids emo-ing at each other.

Morituri3078d ago

Godbless you man. Bubbles up.

CrzyFooL3078d ago



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DarkSpawnClone3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

YES ITS A GOOD THING!! i have been waiting for dragon age 2 right after i beat dragon age 1 for the first time i want this game for sure DAY 1!!! Dragon age has a awesome storyline ...any one seen wardens fall ? great show :P

midgard2293078d ago

well hopefully the sword combat is way better, hated it in the first one, didnt finish the game cuz i was bored. moral stuff was cool but gameplay just needs to be better

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