CVG previews Stranglehold: One man, 10 million bullets... and a lot of broken glass

Give the guy a gun, he thinks he's superman," moans Inspector Tequila's long-suffering superintendent in Hard Boiled, the prequel to Stranglehold. "Give him two and he thinks he's God." Yeah? Well, go easy on him.

In Stranglehold you are Chow Yun Fat, circa 1992 - before Bulletproof Monk and the Pirates cameo, back when he was the toothpick-chewing, .45-packing king of guns. It's his voice in the game, but more importantly, it's his face - every contortion and grimace is vintage Fat. Leave him alone and he'll stare up at the camera, get in a Mexican standoff and you're treated to a shot of him composed and calm despite the guns pointing at his face.

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