Gameplay Features That Make Me /Facepalm

GoGamingGiant explores some elements of gameplay that often frustrate players, such as unskippable cutscenes and timed missions.

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dizzleK3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

what pisses me off is that in 2010, with every console containing a hdd or built in memory, we still don't have save states. if i want to save in the middle of a boss fight or every 2 seconds, thats my perogative(sp). save points and the like are utterly archaic features. i want to beat a game as i see fit, not be forced to redo sh*t just to get back to the problem area.

unlike the author i want them in all games. if i want to save on a tricky turn in a racing game and practice til i perfect it, that should be up to me.

Quagmire3085d ago

DLC made BEFORE game release makes me facepalm.

DLC shouldnt be cut-out game content, but rather post production game content to allow longevity to a title.

There really needs to be a law or somthing within game industry so that DLC should only be created after release of game, everything before release is included free of charge.

I_find_it_funny3085d ago

Articles that make me facepalm?

Fabian3085d ago

Something I'd add to unskippable cutscenes is unpausable cutscenes. It really annoys me when any button press during a cutscene will skip it, so I'm completely unable to pause a cutscene if I have to run to answer the door or something - meaning that I miss potentially vital story.

thegreatest78843084d ago

I agree, I hate it when a game throws long cutscenes at you and you can't stop them. Thank god you could pause cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4, the last cutscene was around the length of a movie!

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