Pre-Order Halo Reach At Game Stop Get Exclusive Armor

"If you don’t pre-order your copy of Halo Reach from GameStop you will be very upset when you can’t get an exclusive set of armor.

Now since today is still Bungie day, you should do your duty and pre-order your copy today, don’t worry you will still get a $20 coupon if you do this online."

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trounbyfire3084d ago

weird but it should sell 4 or 6 million

codyodiodi3084d ago

The game will still suck, MODERN WARFARE FTW!!!

CrzyFooL3084d ago

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa there flamebait!!! BOTH GAMES SUCK!!

lociefer3084d ago

get a pair of boobs for ur mrs.chief

The BS Police3084d ago

How does Modern Glitchfail 2 even compare to a near glitchless game like Halo 3?

Arnon3084d ago

Already reserved my Legendary. Hurray for employee discounts!

wakash3084d ago

naw Halo: Reach is gonna be dope! the multiplayer beta was so addicting and fresh

BldyShdw3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

but now I don't really care about it, not sure why...maybe it's from being disappointed with 3 (its a great game but not as great as I wanted it to be)

3084d ago
TEFL0N_D0N_813084d ago

They had a Ninja Gaiden Hayabusa armor for Halo 3. So could we please get a Dead Space Isaac armor for Halo Reach?

Sandwich Bender3084d ago

The armor looks neat, but can it protect me from rabid fanboys? Hiyooooooooooo.

bfenty3084d ago

really loved what they did with the Beta. Still definitely Halo, but with a lot of great new ideas. This will definitely be a day one purchase. Just have to get the bad taste of ODST out of my mouth first...

codyodiodi3084d ago

The bad taste of ODST is quite a terrible taste.

Sandwich Bender3084d ago

I'm actually not a big fan of Halo but I loved ODST. It's cool that Bungie managed to actually please everyone.

dizzleK3084d ago

odst was the first halo game i had played in years, i got it from gamefly for the hell of it. it actually got me to play the others again and get excited about reach so i cant knock it too harshly.

codyodiodi3084d ago

The game will be decent. The armor will be pimping. You just need to GTFO!!!

CrzyFooL3084d ago

Haha look who got agreed and disagreed!! Ownt!!

BldyShdw3084d ago

lol pimping?...I suppose it will be getting money from whoring out ODST?

Serjikal_Strike3084d ago

REACH will suck and MW2 FTW?!?!

now your saying it will be decent and pimping?

whatta noob..lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.