Xbox 360 HD DVD Price Cut Effective Today

Several retailers are now selling the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player at the new lower price of $179 (from $199). In addition, they are throwing in 5 free HD DVD movies for all new purchases. This 5 free HD DVD movies offer runs through September 30, 2007.

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Thump19673947d ago

Well now I know what I want for Xmas

WafflesID3947d ago

Still not going to buy one.

No TrueHD/DTS-HD no deal. You won't be able to even do 7.1 audio with this setup.

Price is good though. Which sucks. Makes it SOO tempting. but alas...still can't do it.

cdzie13947d ago

I know the Xbox drive cannot do TrueHD audio, but for $179 and 5 free movies, this is the best value going for high-def movies if you own an Xbox 360.

What about the $1000 Blu-ray players that will never be able to do PIP and internet features? What about the Blu-ray players being sold today that may not be compatible with the new October specification?

I’d say $179 with 5 free movies is a low risk / high reward way to add high-definition movies.

sticky doja3947d ago

That would make it 6 movies, the player pays for itself. I'm goin to buy mine today...have 300 ordered from Amazon on HD DVD.

WafflesID3946d ago

I absolutely agree about blu-ray. I'm skipping blu-ray until bd-live 2.0 and bd profile 1.1 players come out (and thus when blu-ray features catch up with hd-dvd features). It's bogus that blu-ray is such a mess that some movies can'teven be played on some players without a firmware update. BUT they have support of all the movie studios. oh well. :)

I guess I could go with the dirt cheap hd-dvd drive until blu-ray gets their crap together. hmmmmmmmmm

NextGen24Gamer3947d ago

Its a nice deal for existing 360 owners who have HD TV's. You get a nice jump start to your HD dvd collection.

Nemesis3946d ago

With the inclusion of 5 free movies, the HD-DVD addon is great value IMO. I'm getting one myself next week, and personally couldn't care less if the format falls flat on it's face next year. It's not a large investment and there's some great titles to be had.

Eternal E 8083947d ago

ill be getting one and also is it any hd movie of your choice or is there a list we have to chose from?