The Last Story Gets a Trailer

Andriasang: It seems like we've waited for ages, but we now have our first real look at The Last Story. Nintendo gave the game's official site an update today with a first ever trailer.

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qface642929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

looks REAL good so far if you ask me

i can't even remember the last time i was looking forward to a console RPG its been a LONG while but im really looking forward to this one

this game looks like it will keep me satisfied until i get to see DQX

N4GAddict2929d ago

RPGs are looking good on the Wii with Last Story and Xenoblade

kancerkid2929d ago

I don't have a Wii. In fact I HATE the system.

But I know wish to buy one because this game looks so fucking awesome.

(I would have an excuse to get Monster Hunters Tri then too!)

Rikitatsu2929d ago

Sakaguchi is the man!
Square lost one of its finest men

colonel1792929d ago

Square needs to lose Nomura, so he can go work for Sony or independently, and let Square Enix die

iamtehpwn2929d ago

(though still a great game), Their new game is seemingly exploding with innovation. I'm excited.

doeman2929d ago

looks better than "great" if you ask me. it's looking phenomenal.

klado2929d ago

Man or it is a wii or a ps3...damn it, WANT THIS GAME.

Reibooi2929d ago

Looks incredible and it makes me wonder why Xenoblade is so mediocre by comparison. The Last Story has incredible visuals for a Wii game while Xenoblade looks like it's worse then a PS2 game.

Xenoblade had miles and miles of running through a seemingly unpopulated world while The Last Story is full to the brim with life.

The combat as well looks really good and fast paced. I can't wait to play this it really looks great.

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Mahr2929d ago

Still intrigued, but, that last scene notwithstanding, this is treading on some serious Real Is Brown territory.

CountDracula2929d ago

Lost Odyssey wasn't half bad. So this game is on my radar and probably will buy unless it sucks beyond a reasonable doubt.

klado2929d ago

Best rpg on 360 so far, and one of my top 4.

labwarrior2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

And that all RPG gaming turned to action gaming

And now i was proven wrong, way to go Mistwalker

I cant wait for the xbox 360 version too !!!

Lost Odyssey is my best JRPG this generation by a landslide, so this on my 360 will be the 2ond best one !!!

Mahr2929d ago

"I cant wait for the xbox 360 version too !!!"

That Nintendo sure is crafty, publishing its games for competing systems.

Critical_Hit2929d ago

Unless Nintendo owns the IP, which seems to be the case of why there's no HD version.

CrzyFooL2929d ago

I could not agree more. Sakaguchi is the last and best hope for JRPGS. He always ways. Everything Square has put out since he left has been shit.

jneul2929d ago

you are such a douche for putting demon souls in the same league as ff13....

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The story is too old to be commented.