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Submitted by MattyF 2039d ago | rumor

Rumor: Gran Theft Auto: Vice City HD-Remake, GTA5 to Take Place in Vice City

Rockstar finished developing Red Dead Redemption just a couple months ago, but they appear to be readying their next project and it could be time to revisit Miami. In a new posting on the Australian rating site, they seem to possibly reveal either a remake of GTA: Vice City or the future location of Grand Theft Auto 5. (PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

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Serjikal_Strike  +   2039d ago
i was hoping for a san andreas HD remake...vice city was ok
Jamegohanssj5  +   2039d ago
Vice City was the 2nd coming.

I_find_it_funny  +   2039d ago
I hope it's next GTA. HD remake is awesome but I'd better like all of three III, VC, SA upgarded with trophies as HD Classics not only one.
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MysticStrummer  +   2039d ago
Vice City was my least favorite. The only one I lost interest in and didn't finish.
Danja  +   2039d ago
Vice City is by far the best game in the series , I would Love a Remake ... with Multi Player ...its just an amazing game
Conloles  +   2039d ago
Hell yes a remake would be the best thing since sliced bread!
CYBERSNAKE  +   2039d ago
Sliced bread is overrated
Snakefist30  +   2039d ago
Finally Vice City.The City Were the best decade of American culture in GTA games. The music, the style,the fashion, the cars,the bikes and the atmosphere everthing is cool and beautiful.I would LOVE to see full fledged GTA4 styled Vice City remake.
Legosz  +   2039d ago
Vice city was the best.

RememberThe357  +   2039d ago
I want a new game in San Andreas
SA what literally the most gangster game last generation. But They will probably place the next installment in Vice City. I'm not against it, but SA was one of a favorite games last generation and I'd love to see then return there.
Blaze929  +   2039d ago
Why like a GTA3 trilogy remake in total? I wouldn't mind paying for a remake of GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Hell yeah.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2039d ago
I loved SA. Such a great game. Would love to see a remake of it.
sid4gamerfreak  +   2039d ago
I loved SA as well. Please make the next installment in SA
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blumatt  +   2039d ago
Agreed I want San Andreas remade for GTA 5 and I want it to be PS3 exclusive so we can have 10 mile high mountain this time. lol I LOVED parachuting or jumping cars off that mountain. haha
UnSelf  +   2039d ago
if this is true that means gta 6 would be in SA

(passes out at thought of a current/next gen San Andreas)
Rumor  +   2039d ago
passes out
whilst already passed out at thought of that title being a ps3 exclusive
CYBERSNAKE  +   2039d ago
They need to make a GTA thats not set in America
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AfroMan623  +   2039d ago
Why remake the games we've all played before? Demand excellence in new locations instead of rehashes of classics that take little thought or imagination in their development.

Don't remake classics over and over or the game industry will become as stale as Hollywood is becoming with its constant bad remakes and its endless derivative romantic comedy machine cranking.

I want to see a new city. Time for Chicago gang violence, some angry Irish mobsters in Boston, or even sex, lies, drugs, and corruption in Washington D.C. just like real life! Realistically I see New Orleans being a GTA at some point since filmmakers and TV shows are already trying to give the city more traffic via exposure.
Heisenberg  +   2038d ago
Whatever it is
I hope they get a little more creative this time around... Maybe things to make the city seem more life like, more interactive and explorable (I know, that's not a word) so the city doesn't seem so lifeless in between missions. They have a great thing going, they just need to adapt with the times, GTA 4 was kind of a dated take on the sandbox genre, which they pioneered. GTA4 was still great in many ways, but I think it's now time for them to go back to the drawing board, they've always been great at getting creative and shocking the industry, they just haven't done it in a while, riding the GTA success train.
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2039d ago

Pidolinpinpon  +   2039d ago
amen to that
CountDracula  +   2039d ago

Someone kill me because I think I just got a 2 star rating!
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Omegabalmung  +   2039d ago
loved vice city and hopefully they go back to it.
aaabbbccc4324  +   2039d ago
dude wtf, i created this article originally
T9X69  +   2039d ago
Except yours sucked horribly.
BurninDragon08  +   2039d ago
Yeah, a San Andreas HD remake would be awesome. I remember when I got the game when it first came out. I loved it. Beat it and enjoyed it. I would love to see it in HD.

Edit: Starting out riding on that bike was the sickest beginning to any game I had played and probably still is.
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xX TriiCKy Xx  +   2039d ago
Haha Yep, I completely agree. It just makes you feel like your in the ghetto, riding a bike everywhere is how CJ got jiggy...
waltyftm  +   2039d ago
One of the reasons i hate Gta4, NO BIKES !!!
pustulio  +   2039d ago
And the almost no-custimization make me hate it too.
Jay520  +   2039d ago
They're probably taking the same route as the ps2
PS2: GTA3 set in Liberty City, GTA:VC, GTA:SA

PS3: GTA4 set in Liberty City, The next GTA in vice city and most likely another GTA in San Andreas.I don't know what their titles will be though.
Tony-A  +   2039d ago
PSOne: GTA set in LC, VC and San Andreas
PS2: Spread them out

I can see them spreading it out again.
aaabbbccc4324  +   2039d ago
its censored for aus, dont know about nz
XxRoosterxX  +   2039d ago
I don't want
see another GTA until the next generation of consoles.

One's with more RAM and required hard drives.
badboy808  +   2039d ago
Dont You mean PS3 exclusive
Blu ray and the cell OMFG just imagine
XxRoosterxX  +   2039d ago
no I pretty much meant what I wrote.
hmmmm  +   2039d ago
@ rooster

haha nice!
Letros  +   2039d ago
inveni0  +   2039d ago
I think that inFamous 2 will prove to us that R* could do an open world game for PS3 correctly if they really wanted to. Personally, I'm tired of being shafted by R*. RDR was fine, but it wasn't what it COULD have been, and that's all I ask. If I'm going to sweat and burn for $60 to buy your game, then you'd sure as heck better sweat and burn making it.
The BS Police  +   2039d ago
I hope so!
Vice City is my most favourite GTA mainly because I loved the 1980's Miami setting.
Tony-A  +   2039d ago
It would make sense considering we just came from Liberty City, but I really really really want some next-gen San Andreas.

I'm telling you guys right now, I will not be leaving my house if they make that until I finish the game.
jashmister  +   2039d ago
leak or not the way our classification board works is stupid it is leaking unannounced games and details on games sometimes why don't devs get up them about it?
Azianphil88  +   2039d ago
if GTA V becomes a multi platform game maybe sony could bring an exclusive deal game like the new medal of honor plus the medal of honor frontline Sony and Rockstar should put GTA V and GTA SA in one disk for one price with HD and trophy support
CountDracula  +   2039d ago
I think think I love Vice City most because it reminds me of the 80's which remind me of the GREATEST ASSES OF ANY DECADE!!! UU
ForROME  +   2039d ago
Vice city was the best, if this is true I will $hit my pants, dam it I just let a little out...
inveni0  +   2039d ago
VC was definitely my favorite. I'm not against language in a game, but there was so much in SA that it sounded ridiculous. It actually made the "gangsters" seem less tough, imo...
C0MPUT3R  +   2039d ago
It has been filed under Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Multi Platform).
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Production Company: Not Shown
It looks like to me Rockstar is outsourcing this to another company to remaster the game in HD.
Similar to what SONY Santa Montica did w/ The God of War Collection.
JonDiskonected  +   2039d ago
hmmm didnt read the whole article, but with just the first sentence.....I gotta say.....they do know what it's not the same studios that are working on gta and red dead.....
DaBadGuy  +   2039d ago
I wonder....will it be Vice City today, or Vice City as we remember it, because if it's the could be disappointing. That game completely captured the 80's feel. Don't get me wrong it would still be awesome, but Vice City has always been tied to the 80's time period, like San Andreas is tied to the 90's, and if you take it out of that time period and change it, like I said it could be disappointing. Liberty City was never tied to a certain time period and so it worked fine in GTA4. I want to be able to run down the street with a chainsaw and a katana again. GTA4 went for mostly realism and we didn't have outlandish weapons, like the dildo or the samurai sword.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   2039d ago
WTFH!?!?! There was a dildo in GTA VC?
Focker-420  +   2039d ago
Yes, in one of the sex shops. It was massive and you could club people to death with it.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   2039d ago
Hm...I wonder what it would look like to whack people over the head with a dildo in HD...
Focker-420  +   2039d ago
Vice City was my favorite GTA of them all. It had the best location. The best characters, The best storyline. And the best soundtrack. It was by far the greatest in my opinion. Thats why for the great number 5 they're going back to the best city. Vice City!!
Eiffel  +   2039d ago
San Andreas HD remake would be better.
KillaFreedom  +   2039d ago
They should do a GTA outside of the US, at least for once.
Rashonality  +   2039d ago
already did in GTA: London 1969 on the PSOne

wasn't good
B00M  +   2039d ago
Wasn't good because it was the really old style GTA. GTA: London would be amazing, America is getting boring.
mastiffchild  +   2039d ago
No, no no! GTA:It's grim up north. Half in Manchester and half in Glasgow(think of the radio stations!)gun and gang wars in Mancland, razor fights and Heroin infested tenements in Jockville! All set to Joy Division, Modays, Smiths, TFC, B&S and The Delgados. Genius-from Moss Side to Easterhouse without a single US accent in sight, erm, earshot!
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2039d ago
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aaabbbccc4324  +   2039d ago
but remember its censored for Australia, i hope it isn't censored for new zealand. R* may make the best games in the world, they are are also the most selfish devs: giving the censored version to NZ is proof of their selfishness because NZ has an R18 rating.
Jack-Pyro  +   2039d ago
I wouldn't mind a Vice City remake, however as a child of the 90's I'd prefer a San Andreas remake.
mastiffchild  +   2039d ago
Didn't even get a third of the way through SA and t's the only GTA I've never finished. It was a little too OTT a daft for my tastes and really wasn't where I wanted the series to go, nor return to. I may be alone on this score but to me VC is a far superior game.
B00M  +   2039d ago
mastiffchild - that does sound good, GTA: Moss side Mandems XD just anywhere which isn't america please.
lzim  +   2039d ago
:( still no Sao Paulo?

I wonder how long it would take to model that for a game.
pustulio  +   2039d ago
México City would be better but insanely difficult to do.
Shane Kim  +   2039d ago
Give us VC. The real gangster game. It was like playing Scarface in a authentic 80's feel.

I'm no racist nor a snob but I can't stand the "hood" and the "ghetto" thingy. So please R* do Shane a favour and remake Vice City.
unknownhero1123  +   2039d ago
SA was great in terms of gameplay but the hood plot really was lackluster.

Vice city will always be #1 in my books because it felt like, after all is said and done, that you controlled that city and all of your enemies are gone for good.
Shane Kim  +   2039d ago
Exactley what I felt.
topgun33  +   2039d ago
Aren't they doing Sao Paulo in max payne 3
phinch  +   2039d ago
They would have....
To make a whole new city though, because if you look at the size of vice city map compare to liberty city you would be very dissapointed
phatfreddy1978  +   2039d ago
Back to the 80's?
I hope so I love the setting of this city real fun, music also rocked (yeah yeah I'm old so what?)San Andreas was cool but it's all about the time settings that make me wanna play this series and Vice city was the shit.*plays Laura Braniggan's Self Control in the background*
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