"We didn't want Uncharted to be a launch title"

"We specifically didn't want [Uncharted: Drake's Fortune] to be a launch title," developer Naughty Dog, the creator of Jak & Daxter, has unsurprisingly revealed. Uncharted's ambitious visuals and animation tap into PS3's power to a degree that probably would not have been possible had it been crammed into PS3's launch day line-up.

"We wanted time to really understand the hardware," explains Evan Wells, co-president at Naughty Dog. This understanding has been heavily assisted by the close relationship between Naughty Dog and fellow Sony dev, Insomniac - creator of Resistance: Fall of Man.

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DiLeCtioN3918d ago

I think they made a good choice because the PS3's install base wasnt high for a game like this.Am guessing they spent alot of money on this game.

Snake_Doctor3918d ago

I think the bigger point is that we get a better game since the time taken and updated developer tools in addition to not rushing the game.

VaeVictus3918d ago

I like that a lot of these games are being tweaked and worked on instead of being released as craptastic titles that I'd be wasting money on. However, it's a problem b/c there just aren't a lot of games (especially exclusives) to motivate people to spend a lot of money. I really do hope Drakes is awesome though, and I am glad they are spending time on making a quality game. (hopefully)

Ju3918d ago

If you have a PS3 already, yes, true. But if you want to buy one, I'd say Resistance and Motorstorm can keep you busy until - oh - wait, no, Heavenly Sword's out already in September - well, then better hurry to finish these two.
All these new games are really amazing (and this includes LAIR, IMO). Sure, seeing the new games on the shelfs is always convincing, but for someone to get into the game, I think there is plenty out there to get into the game.
Its harder for me, because I finished those games already :)

sonarus3918d ago

ps3 and xbox have about the same amount of HIGH PROFILE exclusives coming out this yr in my opinion. I think uncharted will be a great game and has the potential to be a system seller. no one here can tell me that game dosen't look cool:) too bad its a christmas time game

aiphanes3918d ago

It is unique like Heavenly sword and Lair....that is what people want...

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The story is too old to be commented.