The Steam Effect

Koku writes: "The mass media likes to paint those who illegally download any form of media as villains lacking any sense of morality. That’s a harsh generalization to make, but it has developed into a pretty resonant accusation. It’s easy to see why those who are on the outside looking in feel this way about pirates, but it’s also a stigma that scares people away from what is very likely to be the future of distribution. Companies like Valve have already begun taking advantage of our tapped-in lifestyles by pushing digital distribution as a viable means of selling a product, and their willingness to adapt has effectively proven that pirates are willing to change their ways."

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Ziriux3085d ago

Agree, Valve and my GF get equal love.

aCHU3085d ago

thats Fvcked up bro lol
but kinda rad at the same time o_0

Conloles3085d ago

Ahh Steam what would we do without you?

evrfighter3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I spend more money on steam than I do my wife...

it's sad because it's true. I just can't help it. Steam will always be there for me.

TheDeadMetalhead3085d ago

I guess...
You could say...
It's quite a Steamy relationship.

cain1413085d ago

Steam is impressive...

Ziriux3085d ago

Steam is a rare service, in concept you don't think people would love or enjoy it as much but Valves, great service and goal towards quality is something to respect.

Rucury3085d ago

I love Steam.

Have gotten such good deals.

Ziriux3085d ago

I remember a while back I bought five games under $20, now that's a good deal.

Arnon3085d ago

Steam is literally the best gaming service on the planet. I've bought 69 titles on Steam, and have easily spent 1/10th the price I normally would. Never has a service had such deals go on for the newest games.

CountDracula3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Did someone mention 69?

BloodyNapkin3085d ago

You have spent 1/10th of the price, cause you are buying older games in packs. You do not get such deals on new releases. Can you buy brand new releases for 30 bucks like i can on consoles? I take my last week or week before games and trade it in and get 30 bucks trade in money towards my new game. Now that is saving's, 34.19 for a brand new game. Which in return will net me 30 bucks trade in price towards my next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.