Jaffe On Games Developement: F**K These Rules,” He’ll Do It “His Way”

David Jaffe is a man who really doesn’t care much about what others have to say. But in all honesty, that, I think, is what has made him such a unique and legendary game developer. Say what you will about the man but he’s created the games that millions have played and can’t stop talking about.

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aCHU3081d ago

thats how you make badass AAA games.. make em the way YOU want to,cuz jaffe knows his fans and he knows from experience how to continually put forth AAA ames for his fans (including me).

thats why i love sony,cuz they give their studios (mainly first party) the freedom to express themselves more and more freedom to implement their ideas,therfore creating one badass mutha fuckin game :) we all can agree on that ... hopefully lol

DJexs3081d ago

David Jaffe Doesn't take shit from no one and does it his way.

RememberThe3573081d ago

I think his has the right idea. Do it your way Jaffe, it works out most of the time :)


jaffe got big boots to fill