The Eight Most Disappointing Games Of Our Time

Game Informer writes: "Some games get a lot of hype, but not every game can live up to the extraordinary hyperbolic promises dreamed up by marketing teams. Sometimes a game gets over-hyped, and it’s obvious to everyone upon release that the game has metaphorically taken a dump in its pants. This is a list of the top eight games that were supposed to change the world but tripped over their own egos and ended up with humble pie on their face."

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ClownBelt3054d ago

How many times are we going to see this? Before it was 10. Now it's 8. What's next? 6?

kissmeimgreek3054d ago

there have been a lot of these articles popping up lately and im tired of seeing (let me guess) Lair, Haze, and Too Human?

Anon19743054d ago

The list goes like this.

Too Human
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Madden NFL 06
Devil May Cry 2
Perfect Dark Zero

Quagmire3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Tekken 6

i almost cried at the suckness

-MD-3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Dude Perfect Dark Zero was amazing online it was anything but a disappointment.

Prototype was fun for a few days

Too Human was fun for a few days

Why o why3054d ago

one mans trash is another mans treasure. Fact is there will always be some people that like the most appalling games and vice versa. Each to their own. This list would be different for all of us if we actually played every game. Sometimes the low reviews or a dodgy demo is enough to stop people from experiencing what could potentially be a somewhat enjoyable experience

Spydr073054d ago

Why the hate on Tekken 6? It's the most balanced Tekken to date. Finally, the overpowered Mishimas have been knocked off their silly perch. It got so old seeing them at the top of every Tekken ever made.

The biggest problem for Tekken is that the feel hasn't changed much since 3. Well, that and Namco should make a TTT: 2 since all of the fans are asking for it.

Tachyon_Nova3054d ago

For me, most dissapointing games I have for PS3 are
1: Far Cry 2
2: Operation Flashpoint 2 - Not a bad game, but should have been so much better.
3: Bad Company 2 - Great SP, but online is appallingly laggy and buggy. Dice really need to hire some decent net coders. Again, should have been better.
4: Ghost Recon: AW2 - Without doubt the worst game I've ever played, god knows how this has average ratings of ~90 on metacritic.

For what it's worth, the games I have been most pleasantly surprised by are
1: The Saboteur - Possibly most underated game ever.
2: Infamous
3: BioShock
4: Batman: AA

Baka-akaB3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Calling on the tekken bull as well . For most of you guys it's only flaws from the start was not looking as pretty as it should (some blaming it on the 360 version) .

Tekken6 has issues , but is the most balanced tekken to date .The only real offending part was the online .

Spydr073053d ago

Agreed, but the online is better than DRO was by far now after they patched the garbage it came out with. The fact you couldn't even deny matches with people who had crap connections (early on in ranked play) was a massive oversight by Namco, as well. All in all, it's come a long way. Some people are just upset because button mashing has largely lost its effect thru the years. Poor noobs.

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kingdavid3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Killzone 1 should be in there

Galaxia3054d ago

Killzone 1 is better than Killzone 2. KZ2 is a stripped down KZ1 with better graphics.

And Rogue Squadron 3 isn't as bad as this article makes it out to be.

Sugreev20013053d ago

I was extremely disappointed by Assassin's Creed and Saints Row.Sure,both games got good reviews but I seriously couldn't find 1 single appealing factor in any of the two.Of course these are the two worst games I sadly own...there are many others like Haze which I was anticipating and it also turned out to be a disappointment.

GuruStarr783054d ago

it was "fun".......Just now getting into Too Human, played the demo on XBL.....going to pick it up for about 10 bucks on ebay.....

The Meerkat3054d ago

I agree Prototype was great fun.
And Too Human is much better than people say. Its not the AAA game it set out to be, but its not bad. The ending is such a cliff hanger. I really hope Too Human 2 gets made.

klado3053d ago

I liked too human as well, doubt though of a sequel, was one of the most bad sellers this generation, and like AW, was severely underrated and without a proper online, no chance.

Still enjoyed it.

CountDracula3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

They always have to inject an obscure game nobody played at the end of the article just to show that they're uninhibited. Lame...

Aphe3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

It's not obscure, it's one of the most famous letdowns in pc gaming history.

CountDracula3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

But still, you and probably only 2 other old geysers on this site remember that game anyway.


Case in point. lol

Aphe3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Yeah I suppose. There must only be a handful of of old *geezers* that have been playing games before the year 2000 that are still alive today. You got me there.

Thepro3183054d ago

speaking of Haze since crytek brought free radical that mean they own HAZE IP. I hope crytek reconsider an make HAZE2 with cryengine3 , better written script, better voice actors, redesign gameplay, etc etc. This could be a great franchise in the right hands.

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