Wing Commander Arena - Review

Eurogamer writes: It should, in theory, be fantastic. Or at least very good. Xbox Live Arcade is surprisingly short of no-frills spaceship blast-em-ups, and the dormant Wing Commander franchise would seem to be fairly solid source material for just such a fragfest. After all, the thrill of a decent dogfight against a multitude of human opponents is hard to mess up.

Yet mess it up they have. Wing Commander Arena boasts a veritable feast of gameplay options, but can only offer anaemic gameplay with which to fill them. Basic gameplay can be a blessing where this sort of game is concerned, but here it's not so much the simplicity of the fly-and-shoot action that's at fault but some of the frankly awful design decisions that have gone into it.

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P4KY B3947d ago

What we need on Xbox Live is a new version of X-wing vs Tie Fighter.
Now that would be cool.

the_round_peg3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Origin System made the original Wing Commander. Even though Origin was crapping money after it had made Ultima Online, EA shut it down over corporate politics. Apparently the newly promoted CEO at the time was not too pleased that Ultima Online and Origin's idea of a MMORPG future were taking away the limelight from his sport game company.

Eclipticus3947d ago

The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance....