Should You Buy A PSP?

Kotaku: Sony's PlayStation Portable is the first handheld gaming device to survive a battle with Nintendo, but is it worth your money? On paper, it seemed like such a good idea. [UPDATE to reflect E3 announcements (and lack thereof).]

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D4RkNIKON2909d ago

No, wait for it.. wait for it.. PSP2!

kneon2908d ago

That's what I'm waiting for. I would have bought the Go except that I really want a second analog control. I actually had it pre-ordered but then decided I'd wait for the PSP2

Keith Olbermann2909d ago

Metal gears
gran tarismos
motor storms
god of war
the list goes on fool.

CountDracula2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

That is a pretty good list. But is is not even a quarter as big as the DS' library. Cheaper too!

SonySoldiers2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

smells desperation.

Nintendo still No#1 in handheld and console wars. It hurts being #2 or #3 we know that.

bjornbear2908d ago

funny, since MS knows very well how its like to be 2nd and last, but it never tasted first place did it?

and by the looks of it never will either. HAH

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ConanOBrien2908d ago

since 3DS has been announced, PSP Marketing Force are in full force! Sony fanbois might be very desperate to bring back the PSP brand to win the handheld war against Nintendo. Sad but Sony still loosing.

LilSis2908d ago

only fo decoraton man.

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George Sears2909d ago

Yes but not the one on the pic.

JRisburning2909d ago

of the PSP2 coming out as soon as I buy it...because that's my type of luck.

jxzcvk2909d ago

plz go buy it so we get the psp2

George Sears2909d ago

Moore's law might give you nightmares buddy.

El_Colombiano2909d ago

I need a good thinking session, explain :D

nnotdead2908d ago

same with me. i had a PSP i fixed forever ago, but then dropped it and gave it away. been wanting it ever since. now i have just convinced myself PSP2 is right around the corner, and i should wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.