Rumor: Zombies Confirmed For Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Next Gen Update has a video up of some unknown foreign magazine confirming zombies are indeed returning for a second coming, check it out for yourself. Is it real? or simply a photoshop.

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deadreckoning6662960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Good news. If it wasn't for the inevitable high prices for map packs, I woulda bought this game in a heartbeat. Shame. It looks like it can actually surpass the excellent COD4.

Arnon2960d ago

"Rumor: Confirmed"


Conloles2960d ago

Yeah i highly doubt it won't be in there, this seems to be Treyarch's new one pony trick.

X-Frame2960d ago

I was JUST going to post that.

hassi942959d ago


As Arnon said (in quite a sarcastic way, yes), this title makes no sense. Something being confirmed can't be a rumor. It's either a rumor or it's confirmed! Idiots.

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T9X692960d ago

Might as well be confirmed, they would stupid not to add it considering how much of a hit Zombies was.

GuruStarr782960d ago it a rumor, or is it confirmed?

Nitrowolf22960d ago

these two words should never go with each other
"Rumor" "confirmed"

Zombies are fun

Sigh2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

stop the flip-flopping. Either it's a rumor or confirmed, which is it?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

It's a Confirmation of the Rumor with Confirmation of Zombies in the Rumor.

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The story is too old to be commented.