Red Dead Retrospective: A Closer Look at Red Dead Redemption

Ripten says:

By now many of you will have played and finished Rockstar’s Epic Western, Red Dead Redemption. As such I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss the game’s plot and ending, since I refrained from doing so in my review to prevent spoilers.

I think Red Dead Redemption is the best open world game available today. The sense of exploration and depth to the world is unmatched, and I found it hard to stop myself playing the game as I was reviewing it. You can read my review if you want to know how I felt about that, because in this article I’d like to discuss my feelings on the plot, especially the ending. Obviously this means that there will be spoilers in this post, so don’t read on if you’ve not played the game yet, and mean to.

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Stunt2720d ago

Red Dead Redemption was a great game. Nice retrospective they have there.

CrzyFooL2720d ago

In order to go forward . . . you must look back . . .lawl

electrolemon2720d ago

I still need to finish this game. I'm going to to force my buddy to give my copy back.

electrolemon2720d ago

"You don't gimme back that there copy of Red Dead, I might have to lasso you up, friend."

CrzyFooL2720d ago

I still need to PLAY RDR. Let alone take a look back at it :-p

CrzyFooL2720d ago

I accept!! Oh wait, I dont have red dead.

bfenty2720d ago

You know its a good game when you gave to stop in the middle of playing it just to say wow.

GiantJedi2720d ago

That's funny because sometimes when I play RDR I stop and say "Damn, this is a great game."

greeneggsnsam2720d ago

Unless you're playing WoW, inc which case it's just the name of the game.

aselah2720d ago

Hey, I love's more then just a name. You just have to be in to that kind of gaming, which I am...but RDR is also my kinda's all good either way. A good game is a good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.