EA Makes Dragon Age 2 Official, BioWare Teases Reveal Tomorrow

BioWare appears to be just a day away from revealing Dragon Age 2, officially, going by the role-playing game developer's Twitter tease. Or was it today, when EA and BioWare officially said that Dragon Age 2 is in development?

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Drazz3085d ago

Top 5 all time for me.

rdgneoz33085d ago

I liked it except for the fact that stuff didn't respawn when you visited an area a second time.

Chris3993085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I went back to the game recently and really enjoyed it. Dragon Age is the sort of title that you have to invest in - it's characters and lore - before you can appreciate it.

Having just finished Origins yesterday, I look forward to the sequel immensely. Really it seems to be a non-stop flood of WRPGs and JRPGs lately - I'm in Heaven.

I'm hoping that the next one is more "open-world" and less "instanced" (which a lot of Bioware games tend to be - DA reminded me of a more epic Neverwinter Nights 1/2). I'd love to see the DA mechanics in a party-based, Oblivion-style game. THAT would be epic.

POSSIBLE SPOILER: Pretty sure Morrigan and her "old-God" child are going to be heavily tied into the sequel (villains perhaps?).

Palodios3085d ago

So if Dragon Age was the successor to Baldurs Gate... and Baldurs Gate 2 was absolutely epic... Will that make Dragon Age 2 absolutely epic?

Bigpappy3085d ago

Old Republic MMO comming to console. The only problem with that it that I don't pay monthly fees. They would have to have an acceptable flat rate to get me. May be and extra $30 for the year.

evrfighter3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

except the problem with that is...

they don't want you the console gamer for this game (TOR).

They want the pc gamer or wow player.

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VersusEM3085d ago

I would love another dragon age. That was a surpise hit for me. But I dont really see what they could inprove, anyone got any suggestions.

SOAD3085d ago

More variety in the missions. DA was a lot like ME2, because the character spent a good deal of time recruiting groups to fight in a major battle. But the missions in DA were very repetitive, though fun. I would also like to see better visuals but it's not mandatory.

MGOelite3085d ago

bring back morrigan instead of leaving her out for all DLC for no real reason, just an unexplained child

Neo Nugget3085d ago

Voice acting for your character would be nice.

Arnon3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

# Graphics
# Animations
# More customization
# Larger world
# More quests
# More variations of quests

There's quite a lot they could do. Anyways, this is a pretty damn good announcement.

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Lucreto3085d ago

I have yet to play Dragon Age and I bought it at launch. It come out at a bad time for me. FF XIII and WKC are taking a lot of time.

SeanRL3085d ago

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I hated the first one. I found that the graphics and controls weren't that great and that the gameplay was just boring.

jdktech20103085d ago

Did you play on PS3? It's a completely different experience as far as gameplay and difficulty on the PC. That's the definitive version because it's in the style of Neverwinter Nights and Baulder's Gate which were PC only games.

I highly recommend trying it for PC

SeanRL3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Ya, I played it on ps3. I don't think I'll try it again as I have other things I need to buy, but I'll give #2 a chance for sure.

Edit: I agree with clownbelt, though I wish demons souls had had a better co-op mode.

ClownBelt3085d ago

I'm with you Psfan999. After playing Demon's Souls, I couldn't get into the awful battle system in Dragon Age. If Dragon Age would have been online(MMO style without payment), I think I would have liked it a lot

Letros3085d ago

Awful battle system? Have you ever played a WRPG before? What were you expecting?

Enate3085d ago

No you are not alone and I played it on PC maxed out. I could not stop falling asleep on the game. An this is coming from someone who is all about a good story. The gameplay was extremely slow and boring to watch unfold. Some of the random banter among your party members was funny at times. I couldn't be bothered to play past a couple of hours as it was like a sleeping spell every time I touched it.

jdktech20103085d ago

To each their own...I loved it but I could see how some people might find it a tad slow

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