First Impressions of BlackLight: Tango Down-RespawnAction

RespawnAction: " Finally, finally the day has come when BlackLight: Tango Down hits the virtual marketplace for us to download. I have been anticipating this game for some time now and was anxiously awaiting it's release. BlackLight finally hit the Xbox Live Marketplace today (with PSN to come soon after) and I have been playing it since late afternoon. The game is everything I expected and then some, and it's definitely worth the price tag of $14.99."

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CoffeewithChess3081d ago

really awesome for $15.
The new grenade type you talked about sound really interesting, and I can't wait to give a try!

respawnaction3081d ago

yeah man, it brings a fresh new take on the whole 'flash grenade' technique.

Redgehammer3081d ago

several hours into BLTD, and I must say its fun, and it is fast like an Unreal Tournament game, but more modern than Modern Warfare game- I would agree in that I believe it is one heck of a value for 15 smackeroos.

respawnaction3081d ago

the community really needs to get strong so we can get more titles like this on the respective marketplaces. These guys put so much work into BL that I'd hate for it to not get the playtime it deserves.

CoffeewithChess3081d ago

Have you used the HRV a lot? I don't own a 360(yet), so I'm waiting for the PS3 version(kind of worried about it).
I like the idea with the HRV, but I wonder how much people are using it, like the author said...