Epic Wii Games to Come: Epic Mickey

Koku writes: "Going into E3, I never fathomed leaving it most excited about a Wii title. Part of this is that I knew generally what Nintendo had to offer this year, apart from a few secrets, but mostly because of the letdown of Nintendo’s performance at the conference last year. This year, Nintendo’s effort at the show was arguably the best of all companies and this is a welcomed change since there has been little to for the Nintendo fan to cheer for lately other than a few standouts."

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NikoleSmash3084d ago

I think this is def a game I need to see to believe. It's hard to accept this Disney game is gonna rock.

Ziriux3084d ago

I think it's going to be one of the best Wii games yet.

Ziriux3084d ago

I havent' bought a Wii game in about 6 months, can't wait to purchase this one.

JoeyC3084d ago

Really excited about Epic Mickey. That Steamboat Willie gameplay looked great, just as it did in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Carnage12903084d ago

Yeah, really wish this was on other consoles than the Wii. The one system I don't have and this game looks great.

TheCapto3084d ago

This game looks cool, but I agree, wish it wasn't only on Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.