One on One with Patrick Seybold

Sony's social media guru Patrick Seybold has played down speculation of the PSP 2 by insisting the PSP is still going strong and there is a 'deep pipeline' of products in development. Seybold supported this by highlighting the new PSP campaign running at the moment as well as new IP such as Invisimals which shows augmented reality. He concluded by saying the PSP is stil the best portable device of its kind on the market.

Here's more of what Seybold had to say when asked about a PSP 2 by SonyInsider

"PSP is still going strong and has an incredibly deep pipeline of products in development. We already covered a bit about our new advertising campaign “Step Your Game Up” which shows our commitment to the product and to those fans that crave real full-length games. With big franchises like Metal Gear Solid, God of War coming to the platform this year, and new IP such as Invisimals showing off new augmented reality, PSP is still the best portable gaming device on the market."

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