Sony computing board uses PS3 chip

Sony has developed a prototype computer board based on the Cell processor, the same high-power chip used in the PlayStation 3 (PS3), and will show it at a conference in the US next week.

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DiLeCtioN3953d ago

well its their chip why not use it

Bolts3953d ago

Enough hype about the Cell processor already. We all know it kick the crap outta the feather weights like Xbox 360's CPU. But when pitched against the a modern day PC Intel Core 2 processor it doesn't stand a chance in hell. Stop pretending that Cell is like some kind of super computing processor which it is certainly not. Hell even Apple smarten up and dropped the Cell from it's computer lineup a few years ago. So just because the Cell is suited to the console world due to it's low heat output it doesn't mean that the rest of the PC world is interested in this annoyingly difficult to program for IBM relic.

Douche3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I want to know facts. This site should be more about facts. Explain to me, with your vast knowledge and expertise of the said processors, how one is better than the other. I have a feeling that if you actually plan on commenting back, that you'll do a ton of copying and pasting. Make sure you know what you're talking about when you do. I think you're full of it. You don't know a damn thing about the Cell processor. Study up first.

Btw, anyone willing to disagree, please comment as well and let me know exactly what you are disagreeing about. It is too easy to do that and should be mandatory to comment also.

Torch3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )


I especially like your suggestion about mandatory justification for hitting that Disagree link...even if it's just for the sake of amusement of watching some of these site members further make asses of themselves.

...Ah, who am I kidding. Asking for something like that is like asking for facts to support their comments. Ain't gonna happen.

I'm gonna sit back now and watch the disagree count for my comment rise for no apparent reason as usual.

Very meditative, y'know.

(Have a bubble on me.)

Real Gambler3953d ago

Sony plan to use the cell for a rack mount server!!!!! ABSOLUTELY nothing related to PC!!!!. Only competition is IBM who's using the same cell processor in rack mount server as well.

In the article they say these servers will be use more for graphic than IBM though... Quote: "These will include real-time processing of '4K images', which are digital cinema pictures with a resolution of four times that of HDTV, computer graphics rendering and a multi-threaded physics simulation.

Read my friend, read!

Ju3953d ago

If you'd read that again, then that said board is supposed to include an RSX. This is a Desktop board. It simply does not make sense to build a high end graphic chip into a rack, which usually don't have a sophisticated video out put, because it usually is used as a server or cluster (and IBM has CELL Blade servers already).
So, no, I doubt this is meant to go into a rack. Hope they make this available for below $2000 (or below $3000, for god sake). Will probably run a Linux version, which would mean IMO it has to include full HW accelerated OpenGL support, or at least some access to the RSX, which also can hint, that the PS3 Linux will sooner or later get full open RSX support.
For everybody claiming "CELL is crap, we have multi core": You guys have never worked with a CELL, have you? The cell is like writing MMX code in C. Its fun to write and you simply can write all you "MMX freak code" in C instead of fiddling around with asm code. And then, you still got 8 cores + a PPU. Match this with a 2 or even 4 core general purpose core. Usually the core is fast enough to handle all general purpose IO (and the OS), most of the times its the specialized part which needs a special CPU. I hope they put some std RAM interface into it, so you can use DDR instead of XDR to upgrade (but that would hint to the new CELL, with better double precision floating instruction set, which is not the same CELL used in the PS3).
And eventually, if that board/computer will be available for a reasonable price, this is a nice development machine to understand how a PS3 works and lets you get started understanding the CELL.

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QuackPot3953d ago

Then we can get rid of that crap Windows once and for all.

Oh, but I can only dream.

ben hates you3953d ago

don't see that really changing but cell on PC sounds neat and is indeed powerful, but I'm a Gateway fanboy, i love there computers, high quality, stuff

[email protected]3953d ago

Good. Good. Good. More production of Cell will get less cost of the chip.
Every single thing from Sony will got the Cell inside of them right? Like a Bravia with the Cell processor?. Just a guess ^^ .

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