Games That Deserve A Sequel: Black

Flash back to February 2006, the Xbox and PS2 were both well into their life spans and the next-generation of consoles was just around the corner. Developers were milking the two consoles for all they had to offer. Halo 2 and God of War were the major titles that many looked at as the killer aps on their respective console. Both titles worked their consoles engine to great extents, but neither of them looked nearly as good as Black.

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Drazz3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles - PS3, deserves a console sequel, not a psp sequel.
Gladius - ps2, xbox
Jade Empire - xbox
Vampire The masquerade: Bloodlines - PC
Maniac Mansion - NES
Demon's Crest - SNES
Killer Instinct GOLD - N64
Suikoden - PS2 (Stopped at V for consoles)
Rival Schools - Dreamcast
Omikron - Dreamcast

TwelfthCrusader3084d ago

I really couldn't get into Black (I've tried twice!) but that's a good article all the same :)

TimeSplitters needs another sequel tbh!