Wii just 620,000 units behind Xbox360, 3 weeks to go

It was revealed a few days back that, Wii was only 1 million sales behind the Xbox 360, well the Nintendo Wii is now only 620,000 sales away from beating Xbox 360 sales. The countdown is on.

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Zhuk3887d ago

with a cheaper pricepoint and success in the Japanese market, it really is no surprise

Honeal2g3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

once again they are wrong the wii already passed Xbox and its actually at like 32 million if u count gamecube and its no where close to ps2...thats the only logical explanation.... i mean its certainly not next gen it doesnt even play dvds, its in another league (not in a good way)

:dont get me wrong i would love to have one but i hate that fact that people are comparing this inferior device to xbox360 and ps3 ..

marinelife93887d ago

Again I'm a PS3 fan but this is a travesty. How can so many people want such an inferior piece of equipment. This is setting back the industry from striving for the best and most cutting edge technology.

I'll admit that I'm in denial (I'll light a candle and say the words) but I refuse to consider the Wii from now on in the console "race".

aiphanes3887d ago

The top 10 has 6 PS3 games and 4 Xbox 360 games.

More people want to play and buy the PS3 and Xbox 360 games than than wii.

Rute3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Honeal2g: "i mean its certainly not next gen it doesnt even play dvds"

It's quite funny that you mention formats as a way of defining which gen a console belongs to. Wii uses the exact same format (DVD9) as Xbox 360. Xbox has DVD9 too, but Gamecube has only 1,5 Gb disk (-> Wii is more than just a Gamecube with Wiimote).

If you mean DVDs as DVD movies, then it's a different issue. Gamecube didn't play movies like PS2 and Xbox, yet everyone said that GC was in last gen's console war and it lost. If GC had won, people would probably made similar excuses as to why GC shouldn't have been counted in for the race.

aiphanes: "The top 10 has 6 PS3 games and 4 Xbox 360 games.

More people want to play and buy the PS3 and Xbox 360 games than than wii."

The hype-meter on this site applies to this site only. Most Wii players avoid the sort of flame wars that are so common to this site, because they're not interested in fighting. Vgcharts is one place that seems to attract Wii gamers, most of which seem to be in their 20s or 30s btw.

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the_round_peg3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

It's not just a fad any more. It all comes down to games. Publishers and developers are already rushing to make games for Wii, and Wii already has a lot of solid titles in the pipeline. By the time the Wiimote craze is over, Wii will already have a lot, a lot titles to sustain its popularity. That means games will make sure that Wii stay mainstream for a long time.

Vojkan3887d ago

2008 will give answer to that question. If through whole 08 continues to sell like this, than Wii is definetly not a fad.

Kleptic3887d ago

when my neighbor's grandma that got one for her birthday purchases another game for her Wii...then I will believe you...

the installed base of that system is not the type of base that is going to keep purchasing games for it...everyone will buy WiiFit...and then what? you think that grandma is going to buy smash brother's brawl?

everyone keeps saying how developers are going crazy to make games for the Wii...yet almost everyone I know that owns a Wii think Wii Sports if fun enough...and have no intention of getting any other games...and that is mostly middle aged adults and older...I have a few friend's my age that have one...and are getting the usual first party lineup...and even they admit nothing else is even remotely close to complete that looks appealing...a very typical Nintendo game forecast...

ItsDubC3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

So even if Wii sales drop to the point at which it's selling at the same rate as the other consoles, it'll be a fad? I think its saturation point will come much sooner because it has been selling well for so long, and that's why I expect sales to slow down somewhat next year.

Vojkan3887d ago


No you are wrong. With price cut (that will happened) Wii should have even better year(if its not a fad) like PS2 did. Just look at PS2 chartz and in what years of its life cycle did sales explode.

ItsDubC3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I didn't realize an opinion could be wrong but it's all good. You bring up a good point about PS2 sales exploding in later years, but it initially did not sell anywhere near as well as the Wii is selling right now. I think the current supply constraints will actually help the Wii maintain a high level of sales throughout 2008 as long as demand can be maintained, but I expect demand to fall somewhat.

Now about the price drop. While it's entirely possible, what makes you so sure that it will happen in 2008? If demand for the console still exceeds supply (or even if demand falls to the point that it is equal to supply) throughout the year, it would make no sense for Nintendo to drop the price of the Wii.

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Air Cooled3887d ago

Do the maths, it will over take the 360 in just over three weeks at 200,000 units per week, but thats assuming no sales of the 360! Slightly biased article!

The Wii is a nice little console, but aimed at a different market to the 360 and PS3. I for one am not taking a step backwards from HD gaming. HD games are expensive to make, I hope there isn't a developers slide towards the easier to make and therefore potentially more profitable Wii games. I would see that as a step back for the games market as a whole. I'm quite happy to sit down and play in full HD glory rather than wave my arms about in front of last generation graphics.....however my kids love the physical aspects of the Wii..

More than enough room for all three consoles out there, each has its plus points and its negatives. Hopefully all will continue to be successful! We the consumer will be the ones to benefit.

PS360WII3887d ago

no they said that the Wii is selling 200k more than the 360 each week. It is counting 360 sales in the equation. But yea there is plenty of room for 3 consoles ^^

Vojkan3887d ago

Wii sells over 200k a week just in US + japan and EU it could happened even sooner.

Umbrella Corp3887d ago

hmm it seams nintendo was smart its not about the console strength its about soccer moms.i knew this would happen because of the following:
1.lower price than the 360
2.What parent would chose gears of war over rayman for little jr
3.adults and non gamers would play
4.its made by nintendo which means the wii is powered off the heart of a kitten

Vojkan3887d ago

The sad thing is that if Wii by the end of this generation continues to dominate and destorys both 360 and PS3 in profit than maybe Microsoft and Sony will change their strategies in future and focus more on casuals like Nintedo with Ds and Wii, fo me personally that would be death of console gaming.
It is very possible scenario.

skillednutter3887d ago

No Surprise there then really, another 12 months and Sony will outsell the 360 aswell.

Don't get me wrong i love my 360 and it gets 95% of my playtime but 10 million units in 2 years is pitiful.

Moac3887d ago

Why do you claim that the Ps3 will outsell the 360, look at the stats. the PS3 has been out for soon 1year and has only sold under 4mil. While the 360 has 10-12 mil sold. Also i see a great Console boost sale coming for the 360 due to Halo3 , Mass effect , Lost oddesy , bioshock (all Exclusive).

And regarding the Wii i think its a system that wont last longer then 3 more years max. The Wii just hasent any good 3rd party support and that will be its doom. Just look at the Top Wii games all of them are Nintendo made.