Pounds Have Been Lost While Making Dance Central

Kotaku: How many pounds has the lead developer of Kinect game Dance Central lost while making the game? Listen to today's Kotaku Talk Radio, now available for download, to find out.

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trounbyfire3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

stop kotaku just stop trying to convince me to like this "game" its getting REALLY SAD now

krisprolls3054d ago

yeah it's a bit pathetic now seeing all those MS fanboys hyping a poor average dance game like the second coming of Jesus.

I mean I remember when the 360 was something meaningful for gamers. Sure, they didn't have many exclusives, but it was at least a decent console for gamers.

After Kinect all that will be left will be casual party games and dance shovelware.

Did MS lose their mind or what ? Most of their customers are waiting for something else, and there's no way grandmas will buy a second Wii, just more expansive and with worse games.