Fragile Part of Xbox 360 Found? Thermal Design Expert Investigates

Microsoft Corp. has logged a huge 1.06 billion USD (130 billion yen) charge due to warranty claims for its "Xbox 360" game console. This is a frightening amount of money for engineers engaged in product design.

Amid current circumstances, where consumer electronics manufacturers often recall their products, this is no longer someone else's affair. We would definitely like to know what caused Microsoft to log such a large cost.

Microsoft itself, however, refuses to reveal details of the malfunction that has forced the company incur huge expenses. So, we can only investigate the cause by ourselves. Nikkei Electronics thereby attempted to analyze the Xbox 360's heat radiation system, having a thermal design expert cooperate.

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ENNO3787d ago

why the fuk did they know this was going on so long(nearly 2 years)and now only start to manufacture this new thermal is in the minds of the greedy i suppose...

ElementX3787d ago

They're spending more than they're making by waiting so long.


MS will never public assume that the 360 have a design flaw.

Don't matter if anybody find the source of the problem, MS will deny, cause if they assume, anybody with a 360 could complain to MS 'OK, so you sell me a defective hardware. I want another without the problem or my money back'. Because if you make a defective product, you legal obligation is to fix if possible, or trade, if not. And a design flaw is a not possible to fix case.

It even could tie MS's hands to make a new console without the flaw. If they change the design and gets proven that the previous design is defective, anybody can sue MS as in the previous case.

The only way to MS get that Falcon thing to the light is making minors and discrete changes, like 65nm, better material to support heat, and there it goes... Once it get some time around, without more RROD, MS can make then serious changes to the design placing it as a evolve, just like PS2 comes to PS2Slim.

AllroundGamer3787d ago

could the fragile part be the xbox itself? ;)

DirtyRat3787d ago

we've already seen this info ages ago, it is nothing new

dale13787d ago

it gets hot very hot well you can always cook on it

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The story is too old to be commented.