Improved Xbox 360 processor planned

Singaporean contract chip maker Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing will produce a 45-nanometre (nm) processor designed for video-game consoles, probably an upcoming version of the processor used in Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"We have customers' activity for products in the CPU space that goes into a video-game device," Chia Song Hwee, Chartered's president and CEO, said when discussing the company's 45nm manufacturing plans with analysts during a recent conference call.

Chia didn't name the CPU customer but was likely referring to Microsoft, which uses Chartered to manufacture its Xbox 360 processor.

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D_U_I3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

What about the 65nm???

edit: I just have, now i get it...

the_round_peg3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

and the 45nm will replace the 65nm in about 18 months after the 65nm production started. So that means we'll see the 45nm in about 10-12 months. It's in the article.

Chava3883d ago

and fix the issues that include disc chip-implanting.
yep, my uncle has a friend who's son's girlfriend has a 360 that writes data to the disc of each 360 game that gets used in her console, and it makes sure that the game can't be used in any other 360.

RadientFlux3883d ago

er don't think it that is even possible unless your uncle's x360 games came on a rewritable disc and dvd burner

P4KY B3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

'my uncle has a friend who's son's girlfriend has a 360 that writes data to the disc'

Yeah! and your uncles daughter has a cousin whose brother is your dad!


achira3883d ago

this is bullshit, they will never use a 45 nanometer processor for the xbox360. mey guess is, its the xbox720!

RadientFlux3883d ago

why wouldn't they do it? I am sure Sony has advance plans to do it as well

ElementX3883d ago

Further price reductions?

CodeMonkey3882d ago

God your face is still stupid

GameOn3882d ago

Whats with your boyfriend. did he/ she run into a wall.

ElementX3882d ago

Who the f#*K are you to ask about my ex? He was a good guy, things just didn't work out. Grow up and learn to accept others for who they are.

Zhuk3883d ago

this seems pretty run of the mill, they probably want to eventually move to 45nm so it drastically reduces manufacturing costs so they can reduce price point at the same time making a profit on the hardware. Maybe they eventually will redesign the 360 to make it smaller like a slimline ps2, who knows what the future holds.

on a side note, imagine what a psthree would look like? crzy!

ben hates you3883d ago

shrinkage of processors/GPU/everything should go from 90nm 65nm 45nm 22nm and unknown after that

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The story is too old to be commented.