Best Emulator, a List of All the Best Emulators

This guide is meant to promote the best emulators, and get new people into emulation. These emulators are named the best emulators because they are all easy to use and highly compatible. While this may seem like lots of fun to some, others complain that it's piracy, and to bring up a topic like this is socially taboo in some forums.

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jack_burt0n3081d ago

I vote for winkawaks and Final Burn Alpha not been updated in a while but for neogeo aes, mvs, cps1, cps2 emulation on pc its what i use on me netbook, and cps2psp and mvs2psp on a hacked psp are definitive.

romalias23081d ago

Thanks I will add them now ;) I had forgotten about the arcade emulators...

Yi-Long3081d ago

... as soon as I have a FullHD plasma set up, my plan is to build the ultimate mediacenter with a nice quality PC, which will have everything, including lots of emulators with my favourite classic games.

So this article should be very helpfull, cause I don't have a clue as to how to really build the ultimate mediacenter, but this should at least help me sort out the whole emulator stuff :)

Skizelli3080d ago

Gens has been dead for quite some time now. There's been several forks based on the source code, but the best one by far is Gens/GS. It aims to clean up the source code, combine features from various forks, and improve portability to other platforms. You can find it here:

The Great Melon3081d ago

No mention of PCSX2? I enjoy upping the resolution of my PS2 games on it.

ChronoJoe3081d ago

Article isn't legal, with links to roms that Nintendo have a problem with being distributed.

Just saying, probably shouldn't be on N4G. Not sure what the kind of policy is around here, with most roms, publishers don't care - but Nintendo 100% do. Most legitimate rom websites removed the roms published by Nintendo.

xino3081d ago

Emulators are programs that allows commercial or home made games to run, it is not law breaking.

but talking about roms is illegal.

This article is not talking about roms, but talking about emulators.

branchedout3081d ago

"**** as it is an open source project, and you may download ROMS (remember ROMs are the games you play on an emulator) from ********.

With links to said site. Yeah. Second page.

ChronoJoe3081d ago

Links to the roms are also there. Most tutorials of this nature, do not include means of acquiring any potentially copyrighted content. The emulators themselves are provided which is fine, those are shareware/freeware but the roms whose links were provided are not...

Not that it's hard to find them on google, but you don't link them.

Theonik3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Ok from a quick inspection of the list.
You are missing:
NullDC for Dreamcast and Naomi arcade units.
Mame for general arcades
Dolphin for Wii. Gamecube and the Nintedo/Sega/Namco Triforce arcade unit.
PCSX2 best for PS2.
Tons of other platforms. Your picks are pretty much justified otherwise though.

I didn't find it hard at all. Took me 5 minutes if i'm honest. Other emulators though take a lot more effort.

SaiyanFury3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I guess emulators are a point of personal taste for people. I find the best SEGA emulator to be KEGA Fusion. It accurately emulates Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, 32X and SEGA CD. It has a plethora of features and has a great array of functions. For NES, I prefer NEStopia. I've tried NESticle but found it's Game Genie function didn't work properly. Maybe it's just me but I could never get the function working for some reason. In NEStopia, I have no troubles. Agreed on ePSXe, and Project 64. I don't play DS games, but I find VisualBoy Advance to be the best GBA emulator. Just personal opinions. If listed emulators work best for the author, more power to him. :)

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