IGN: Crackdown 2 Second Opinions

IGN recently posted its review of Crackdown 2, where Erik Brudvig described it as fun, but feeling rushed and uninspired. Rather than leave it at that, they've gathered a crew of editors who have also played Crackdown 2 and asked them for their opinions. Is it worth the time and money? Prepare for an onslaught of opinions.

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ActionBastard3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I'm not even renting it anymore. Shame too, the first one was an absolute blast.

3056d ago
Danja3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

you guys are acting like this is the worst game ever..

The game barely had or has any hype , its not a bad game its quite fun , the lack of story really hurts it but the core gameplay that everyone loved from the first game is there there , it has a metacritic score of 72.. which means its atleast worth a rent.

Its a decent game and anyone who enjoyed the first game should enjoy this also

Edit: guess the masses dont agree

Army_of_Darkness3056d ago

I would expect an exclusive game to be Much, Much better than this Crap! there are wii games that look way better for crying out loud!!

JoySticksFTW3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

It's like a snuff film in there :(

The brutality...

"While Crackdown 2 made its way around the office, many over-the-shoulder observers noted the same deficiencies: it's identical to the first game and terrifically ugly"

That's an actual quote from the article.

Now I'm wondering how the heck this game even managed to get a 7.5 from IGN?


And to put things into perspective, I actually try and like games that most gamers don't... Ninja Blade & Lair, anyone? And I loved the first Crackdown, but f' this sequel. This article was damning. Plus the other negative reviews (not the just score, either. I consider 7.5 good. I'm talking about all of the bad stuff written about the game). And then add that there are other better games out now, and games I still want to replay...

This game gets a pass, until I find it for under $15 dollars

Boody-Bandit3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Mine is arriving tomorrow from Dell. I thought for $39.99 I was getting a deal. I thought when I saw this second opinion article it was going to go, "despite it looking and feeling too much the same the overall experience is just as good as the original." Sadly it's not.

Oh well. I'm not even sure if I am going to open it now. I might just send it back to Dell and get a refund.

BTW Danja where have you been? All I heard on N4G for the past year plus is Crackdown 2 is coming out soon and it's going to rock. Well now it's here and it's not even as good as the original 3+ years later. I am hard pressed to call this an average game. I don't even know if it's worth a rental after all of the reviews I have read and feedback from some friends that are already playing the game. This is very disappointing.

JoySticksFTW3056d ago

I'm glad to see some gamers who bought this game step up.

The most telling reviews will come from other gamers, so I hope to see more people come forth with honest reviews of this game

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thereapersson3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Crackdown still remains to this day one of the best games of this generation, IMO, in terms of fun-factor and things to do. It's really a shame that the sequel didn't live up to the potential that the first one had... :(

ATLGAMER3056d ago

U have never played a good game if you think thats is even in the top 50 games this gen...

ActionBastard3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

@ Danja
I'm not basing my decision on a meaningless score, I read the article. And the reviews of the sites I trust. "IGN Second Opinions" are scoreless and as such, carry more weight IMO. Reading things like:

"Crackdown 2 should not have been a $60 retail game. This should have been an expansion for the first game or simply a standalone download title on Xbox Live. There's just not enough value here with the sequel to warrant that price point."


"This is basically the same game that was released in 2007. To be fair, the original Crackdown was something of a pleasant surprise. The world was definitely open, and the online play was a bit of a thrill. Fast forward three years, and it's basically a repeat experience. If you would have hidden Crackdown 2's existence from me and then suddenly shown me its introductory half hour, I would have assumed it was some sort of add-on content for the original game. And I would have politely declined to pay for it."


"While Crackdown 2 made its way around the office, many over-the-shoulder observers noted the same deficiencies: it's identical to the first game and terrifically ugly. I would add "too many freaking orbs" to my early assessment of it as well. Yet after a weekend with the game I count myself among the game's tentative defenders. I'm exactly 200 Agility Orbs in and the Tick-like bounding around Pacific City is still decently entertaining -- or just addictive, I can hardly tell the difference anymore."

I don't think a score matters when the resounding consensus is this game is shit. Is it worth seeing for yourself? Sure, but I'll decline. Here, rentals are 9.99 for 5 days. I'll add $5 and just buy Joe Danger instead. Or wait and get Limbo the 21st.

HolyOrangeCows3056d ago

This game should have been a 800/1600 MS Point DLC, and even then, it would still mostly be the less entertaining mission over and over.

PSfan093056d ago

Microsoft shouldn't of let a good game like crackdown down the toilet. Now a crackdown 3 will be unheard of if this game doesn't sell.

ABizzel13056d ago

The first game wasn't as great as people make it to be. I liked it, but comparing games now 2010, to games then early 2007, and you'll end up with the same result for almost every game.

Things have changed. Games have gotten better in every way, so when you put out a game that's almost identical to the original that came out in 2007 then you're not going to get a lot of praise.

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emil13056d ago

metacritic 72. disaster. sadly looking by amazon it will sell well. now you can see how x360 gamers are smart. crackdown 2 will sell better than alan wake

Count3056d ago

72 is a ''disaster''?

karl3056d ago

regardless of a score that doesnt really mean anything

the game sucks, u dont need to check metacritics to see that.

Count3056d ago

Here's a question for you, Karl.

Have you played the game?

MariaHelFutura3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

72 is a disaster for a exclusive on a system that`s running thin on exclusives. Also, based on the fact the first wasn`t a bad game and people were looking for the 2nd to be even better.

karl3056d ago

but yeah.. i was able to play a few minutes of the game...

"have you played the game?" thats just a question everyone ask inhere to tag people as fanboys and take their credibility ...

honestly... i dont know why u even defend this game... u are entitle to your own opinion but by todays standards this game fails in so many levels and u cant deny that...

u can even put this game a 10 in fun factor and a 3 in graphics and i would accept that.. but overall 9? like some sites gave it? thats crazy when soo many developers get points taken from their games for bad textures and other graphical problems its unfair to them that this game gets any score close to eight ..

it just shows how biased the industry is and how the score system doesnt work...

just one last thing.. i would be really piss if i spend like 50 million and years of development in my game and get an 8.5 and then comes crackdown2 and gets the same score..

and if i have to pay full price for a cheap game like this.. it would have been better if they release it as an xbox live game instead/..

-MD-3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

"the game sucks"

"i dont even have an xbox
but yeah.. i was able to play a few minutes of the game.."

Well your thorough review has stopped me from playing this game.

Someone let me know if Halo: Reach is doo doo garbage so I can cancel my preorder. Reviewing products before you try them is the future.

silvacrest3056d ago

he played the game and he thinks its a POS, is he supposed to buy a 360+crackdown 2 before his opinion is valid?

Bzone243055d ago

"he played the game and he thinks its a POS, is he supposed to buy a 360+crackdown 2 before his opinion is valid?"

Maybe if he played more than a few minutes and wasn't a fanboy just wanting to trash the Xbox...

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TheColbertinator3056d ago

I loved Alpha Protocol and that got a 65.I'm done with "metacritic" reviews.

Make up your own minds

MariaHelFutura3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Some games are just for you, reviews should be more centered to the group the game is aimed at. For instance, a game for kids shouldn`t get a 2/10 because it`s not advanced graphically or not coming up with new ideas. Most kids will enjoy it, and it should be rated for them. It`s hard to have a system like that, but they definitely need to change the system that currently exists.

ISKREEM3056d ago

Agreed entirely.

If you have fun with the game, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I personally enjoyed GRIN's efforts with Bionic Commando, and was disappointed to see them go.

electrolemon3056d ago

72 isn't a disaster, you fucknut. Scorewise, 72 is above average. Idiots like you are the reason we get so many "THIS IS WHAT OUR REVIEW SCALE MEANS" articles. 50/100 is perfectly average according to every review scale. Unfortunately, gamers have twisted this to mean that anything below 80 is fucking Yaris.

mastiffchild3055d ago

A meta of 72 isn't any kind of disaser but, imo, it's a bit generous. Face it, Crackdown2 would struggle to be actually rubbish purely because it's virtually the same game as the first and that game was refreshing(for a time) and always pretty good fun.

The mistakes with the sequel are simply not trying hard enough, not giving Ruffian enough space, money or time to craft something of their own onto RTW blueprint and, worst for me, setting it in the same bloody place! It means that all the exploration is gone for anyone who played the first game and for a sandbox effort that's a bad, bad error and one I'm shocked they made-unless, again, it was just a time/money issue.

I admit to not having finished the SP(I doubt I will as it's just not as much fun this time round) since getting it off my mate yesterday(he'd already reviewed it)and agree wth a lot of the criticisms I've seen in reviews and can only put some of the glowing ones down to those reviewers never having played a lot of the original(maybe they cut straight to Hal3 beta and never came back, who knows?). Whatever, this shouls have been a big old expansion pack because it's not added a great deal of depth, has takjen away some with silly design choices and even less story than we might have expected and being set in the same city doesn't FEEL like enough value for a full retail release.

As a result(before I'd played any of it I'd thought around the 7/10 mark was about right going by comments)I'd say the Meta for C2 is a bit on the generous side at 72% and would put it, myself a tad lower around 65. It isn't bad quality as such but just doesn't offer us much and is in many ways the lesser game of the two and fails, totally to build anything on the foundations of a potentially excellent game first time out. It's a bit of a disappointment that after rabidly wanting to find EVERY orb in the first game the second one just doesn't inspire me to do likewise-and that's probably the most telling thing I have to say about Crackdown2.

BTW, while a lot of people have knocked the gfx and presentation of this sequel Im thought because of the way you play it you rarely notice a graphical shortfall and spending too much time on the pretty stuff would be pointless. It's a sandbox game that you basically blow up(the worst things to look at are prolly the explosions, in fairness to the haters but that;'s abut it for actual low points)everything, shoot everything else and hurtle about 90% of the time it looks just fine. I'd hoped it would set the bar for next years inFAMOUS2 but, sadly, I can't even say it's better than it's dad at anything. SP should have the exclusive sandbox game crown sewn up and will have unless there's a new contender out there or they drop the ball even more dramatically than Ruffian did on this one. As I said, this is just a bit of a shame as at a budget pprice or as an expansion this could have been amazing AND would have set up a third game to really blow us away. As it is it runs the risk of killing a promising series by being a little half arsed for a retail release. Yep, 65/100 for me-thogh I AM a tight marker and would have most average games getting between 50 and 60 but for an ezxpected to be great exclusive like this 65 is what it sounds like- a bit of a disappointing end result which could have been a lot better.

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divideby03056d ago

just play the demo..... you will find out for yourself

Baka-akaB3056d ago

I find the game to be rather meh , but those people justifying their opinion of it via metacritic are such sad pandas ... or rather as usual minless sheeps .

You guys realize that you are a level where , someday , a metacritic employee might might a typo error , and give a game some silly low score , leave it unfixed for 24h ... and you'd be trashing the game non stop for 24hrs , only looking like fools later on ?

Some of you are just very near that one silly step .

drubils3056d ago

I have about 2 hours into the game and it is like the first one. If you liked one then this one will be the same. There are orb collecting like the first one both hidden and agility. Then they have two other types of orbs but I will let those who play it find out what they are. I have not tried the car races or orb roof races. The graphics are different than the first one. They are different styles but not bad. At night the orbs are easier to see but the climbing areas are hard to see. I really enjoyed the first one and I used the demo to find it. I'm not a Halo fan (I don't play multiplayer) so I didn't buy the first one for that reason. I am having fun like the first one and will play it similarly. One day hunt for the orbs and another clearing areas.
Play the Demo and decide for yourself. To many people rely on metacritic and not their gut feelings.

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