Itchy Thumbs: PlayStation Plus: The Verdict

Itchy Thumbs: One thing that PlayStation 3 fans have always had over those of the Xbox 360 is the fact that their online gaming is free. With Xbox Live being the figurehead for online gaming, Sony’s attempt to relinquish Microsoft’s market stranglehold was always inevitable. Then E3 2010 came along and we learned about PlayStation Plus, the premium PSN service. It was the news that had been feared, yet we knew it was coming – reminiscent of the feeling we had when learning of DJ Hero 2!

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Anon19743079d ago

No mention of Qore though. Qore by itself was $25 dollars a year and PSN+ users get it with PSN+. If you were a Qore subscriber (like myself) and planned on continuing to be a Qore subscriber (like myself) the additional $25 for free games and discounts all year long are well worth it.

darthv723079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

It is optional. You sign up and get discounts on stuff and trials of full games. You dont sign up and you continue on with psn as always. Personal preference.

Oh but I would sure like to know if a paid membership can be applied to a second account for another region. That would actually help me decide.

If I have my US membership and also an account for euro and jp I would like it to be tied to those as well. Other regions get better deals on stuff than the US.

PshycoNinja3079d ago

Which ever account you sign up with you get those things that you signed up with the initial account and the other accounts on your PS3 can also play those games. I have a European account and I dont get anything from europe.

And plus if plus members haven't already noticed, you get a + symbol near the account that has PS+ but not your other accounts. Hope that helps :).

NecrumSlavery3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Verdict: Winner for me.

I am loving the free content. Everything given to me I have yet to play yet. And this months Qore has a great video on Killzone 3.

Qore also has Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Very Team ICO like. It looks really good.


Yeah bro, that Killzone MP remark makes me think we are going to be in for a big treat. Also Herman Hulst said on Jimmy Fallon as he was playing the pre Alpha demo, "you can play this with friend(s)." so I am betting online & offline co-op, challenge missions, tons of new online modes etc. Killzone 3 looks to be very definitive.

TooTall193079d ago

Yeah that Killzone 3 video was really good. Maybe I heard wrong, but I thought they hinted at some mp details coming in a future episode. Also, that Majin game was almost as impressive as Killzone 3.

Dac2u3079d ago

The Move section of Qore had some great video, too. It really showed the potential of what Move can do. I'd never seen Qore before yesterday, I have to say... I like it.

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Elimin83079d ago

Even if Bore wasn't offered I'de still get it.. Qore suck major ass anyway. When do they offer the betas to Qore subscribers now that people are subscribing to PSN+ and they said that PSN+ users get first dibs on betas etc? Do they get access a week or month in advance?

My 2cents.....

DMason3079d ago

To me, the value isnt there. Shacknews best described it as "a grab bag of things you may or may not have" and "a rental of most content."

There's a lot more they went over that made a lot of sense that I wont go into detail, but if you're interested in hearing it just download the new Weekend Confirmed podcast over at Shacknews.

SephireX3079d ago

At least one doesn't have to pay to play online, unlike other such services.

Count3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Except the other such ''services'' offer more than PSN and if you want more services with PSN then you have to pay for it also.

It kinda goes like this : PSN Plus (I'm assuming) > Xbox Live Gold > PSN > Xbox Live Silver (a.k.a nothing)

The bottom line is, if you want a better service than Xbox Live or as good as (only referring to gold, since that's what I consider Xbox Live to be) then you have to pay.

darthv723079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I'm gonna go there because I just know it will happen.

Pay to play...that will be the same path sony will take you can bet on that. The whole notion of free online play will only last so long. Sony will gain members to plus through these incentives and the more they get the less will be free.

They may not eliminate free play all together but there will certainly be more game types and sessions designed for the "members only" club. When you start seeing more and more people willing to pay, you start to see more and more free features removed and restrictions imposed. Home spaces will have members only areas, new games will come out with player restrictions for non members.

What better way to get a paying customer...take away something that was free to them.

You see, live was always a paid service first and they added a free version after the fact. Sony doing the opposite gives them more power to control how much will be free to the freeloaders. To think sony wont adopt a pay to play business model with PSN plus is pure gullibility.

PSfan093079d ago

sony already said every feature on psn right now is free and will remain free. If they add more to playstation plus then it will make the value even better but online will be free. If they added lets say the cross-game chat then people who wanted that will pay for it. There are people who dont need that feature and sony could take advantage of that to earn money. xbox has been doing it for years so its not sony's fault if people want more features to a service that does what is expected.

darthv723079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"sony already said every feature on psn right now is free and will remain free"

You mean sony doesnt have the option of changing the terms of their service at any time without notice?

They would still be legally bound to the term of "free online" but that doesnt mean they cant make it less enjoyable for the free service. Membership money is what these companies are after. Be it Square for FF online, WoW, Live or even PSN. Pay to play is the way to play!

Ah who am i kidding. I will probably be a plus member and it wont matter to me like it doesnt matter that silvers dont get online play.

I am gold and I like it like that.

lex-10203079d ago

Really? This service has been out for, oh, 8 days. How can you decide if a year long commitment is worth it in only 8 days?

PshycoNinja3079d ago

Apperently its that good.

cruncher_203079d ago

you pay for a ONE damn year so you have to wait one year to come with a verdict...

It's like having twelve witness and after one you are ready for your verdict...

Neko_Mega3079d ago

I enjoy how they build this Vs XBL, free stuff is nice to get if you are paying to play. Kind of the only reason it is better then XBL.

Anyways hope to see more added, kind of sad that MW2 new add on wasn't part of the PSN+.

mushroomwig3079d ago

I don't think we'll be seeing any big stuff on PS+ for a while, we're in a glorified beta right now, Sony and the devolopers are seeing how the service takes off before bringing out the big stuff.

I'm sure it'll take off though, visit the store you can see how many people have rated the PS+ trailer, you have to be a sub to subsribe and so far (in the EU section alone) there have been over 10,000 ratings, and that's only the people who were bothered to rate, imagine the total amount already.

mushroomwig3079d ago

"My inkling is that the best is yet to come."

This pretty much sums up PS+, I can't wait to see how the service evolves over the next couple of years.

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