Sony’s Next Portable: What We Know So Far

Despite Sony recently throwing massive support behind the PSP, which includes 70 new titles by the end of the year, along with a new marketing campaign which tells you to “Step Your Game Up”, they may be developing a new portable device. PlayStation LifeStyle takes an in-depth look at what Sony’s new portable could be…

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T3mpr1x2997d ago

Second analog nub please! While it'd be nice to have a PSP2 phone, I think I'd still prefer to have a dedicated handheld gaming device...

mrv3212997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

One analogue stick would be fine if developers treated it as such... gaming has only had two analogue sticks for like 15 years, previously we did just fine.

Two analogues could be great, but they have to be good. Maybe Sony can learn from Nintendos thing, I didn't find sony's too problematic so a few tweaks could make it a lot better.

Did the NES need a ANALOGUE STICK? NO. It's about developers utulizing what they have, some of the greatest games of all time where made using nothing more than a D-PAD and some buttons.

D4RkNIKON2997d ago

GTFO The PSP has needed a second analog stick like pac man needs dots.

Unbiased12997d ago

I really dont care about handhelds. I would rather see them focus 100% on console, i know that is unrealistic but just my wish

Count2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Although I want a second analogue stick, I somewhat agree with what you're saying.

@Unbiased 1 : I like having gaming on the go. Imagine a portable Ps3, or a portable 360... *insert RROD joke*.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2997d ago

A second analog stick is a must. Its ridiculous to attempt to play a shooting game of any kind 3rd person or 1st person and have to hold the shoulder buttons and then rotate then shoot, release and repeat.


we didnt need a 2nd analog stick in the past because games were not moving around in 3d environments and shooting at moving objects.
everyone needs to demand that they add the second stick. all the old games either could get a patch to include button mapping or they could leave the old ones as they are and make the new titles worth playing to include the option of holding the shoulder button like an idiot or doing the smart thing and using the 2nd nub.

racing, sidescrollers, sports titles fine with one stick. any game with a gun has to have a 2nd nub. dont SNUB the 2nd NUB again sony!

Spydr072997d ago

Pac Man could have eaten AlphaBits and still been just as successful. He didn't need little round dots.

Legosz2996d ago

They forgot 1 thing we all know.

That the 3DS is going to outsell this by double and have almost double the games aswell!

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UnwanteDreamz2997d ago

When I saw the headline the first thing I thought was.

"Not a motherf*cking thing"

Nike2996d ago

Damn, you beat me to it. :D

Spenok2996d ago

Pretty much. I wonder when it will be officially announced.

aksmashh2997d ago

all buttons/pads avaliable on the dual shock
& bulit in wifi

imagine COD MW online..........

Sev2997d ago

Made this new avatar just in time. Wink wink...

Chaostar2997d ago

And suitably awesome it is :D

I still have my fingers crossed for a UK Droid X release so I can bin this 'far too trendy', closed platform iPhone once and for all!


Sev2997d ago

I'm in love with my Motorola Droid, which I've hacked to run like a Droid X minus the HDMI out and 720p vid recording.

I've even got the Droid X boot sequence :)

bramabull802997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

i've said this before and i'll say it again, Android + PSP = FTW.

I don't care what the critics say I love MY nexus one

Trexman892997d ago

just in time to get sued for copyright infringement! :P

Sev2997d ago

Says the guy with the Monopoly avatar :)

Newtype2997d ago

Google and Sony currently have a partnership, well with their TVs.

sikbeta2996d ago

PSP2 + Android + Backward Compatibility = Best Device Ever...

finalblink412995d ago

Ugh physical media ruins handheld gaming, battery takes such a hit spinning that drive, not to mention makes it looks pregnant. If the psp2 is as large as the 1000 forget it. Small and slim is the way to go.

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Godmars2902997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Jack and Sh*t, but we're going to talk about it anyway...

Though I do wonder if this means all/any support I was expecting the PS3 to get is actually going to go to this "PSP2" now.

decimalator2997d ago

This is about the only thing that will keep me from jumping ship to an iPhone. If I had an Android+PSP device... I think I could die happy.

Sev2997d ago

Me too man. I am just afraid of what it will do to my life. I am obsessed with a few things. PlayStation and Android are in the top 5.

Chaostar2997d ago

I'd definitely buy one over an iPad, i'm getting sick of Apples closed plaform nonsense.

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