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EDGE smashes Blue Dragon, Transformers and Hour of Victory in reviews

The newest issue of the British magazine EDGE is in stores as of today and its always interesting to see which games were reviewed and what scores they got. This month some interesting titles have been reviewed, such as: Blue Dragon, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Transformers and GRAW2 for the PS3.

Apparently EDGE didn't really like Transformers and Hour of Victory as both games got 2/10 from EDGE. The British don't really like Blue Dragon and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 as well as both games 'only' got 6/10. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass did really well as it scored 9/10. Check out all of this months reviewscores below.

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS, Nintendo): 9
Blue Dragon (Xbox 360, Microsoft): 6
Transformers (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PS2, Activision): 2
Odin Sphere (PS2, Atlus): 6
Ouendan 2 (NDS, Nintendo): 8
Monster Madness (Xbox 360, Southpeak): 5
Exit 2 (PSP, Taito): 7
Hour of Victory (Xbox 360, Midway): 2
Tenchu Z (Xbox 360, From Software): 6
Calling all cars (PS3, Sony): 6
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PS3, Ubisoft): 6
More Brain Training (NDS, Nintendo): 7
Anno 1701 (NDS, Disney): 8 (ANNO 1701, Blue Dragon, Calling All Cars, Hour Of Vistory, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, Nintendo DS, Odin Sphere, PS2, PS3, PSP, Tenchu Z, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Transformers The Game, Xbox 360)

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ShiftyLookingCow  +   2949d ago
2 for hour of victory is well derserved, but 6 for Blue Dragon and GRAW2 PS3

[edit] yeah Lair was supposed to be there I guess.
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marinelife9  +   2949d ago
All the nintendo games got higher scores.
Rythrine  +   2949d ago
Where's the rumored Lair review? Next month maybe? I'm surprised Odin Sphere got a low score. It deserves more than that.
Vojkan  +   2949d ago
Yes Odin Sphere is at least 7, i gave it 7.5
Rythrine  +   2949d ago
Agreed. It should be somewhere there. Personally, I gave it an 8 and I was being greedy already.
ngg12345  +   2949d ago
I guess the lair rumour was false
Oh well.
Tommie  +   2949d ago
That Lair review, 6/10, was from EGM, Electronic Gaming Montly. This is EDGE, a British magazine!
ngg12345  +   2949d ago
Was talking about the 9/10
edge was supposidly giving lair.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2949d ago
he was refering to this http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News... "Rumor: Lair gets a 9 from Edge Magazine and Gamezone"
Tommie  +   2949d ago
Its not in the mag, so thats fake as hell.
Zhuk  +   2949d ago
looks like the lair rumour was another desperate lie by Sony fanboys to try and save face over what is a disappointing game
ngg12345  +   2949d ago
Never trusting a forum again
Looks like lair, and blue dragon are subaverage games.
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TheExecutive  +   2949d ago
What makes you say Lair is a subaverage game here? Because blue dragon got a 6? Anyway I dont agree with these guys reviews anyway. They can keep Zelda.
kewlkat007  +   2949d ago
from the likes of this:

"According to an un-named source, two reputable gaming magazines/websites have reviewed Lair and have each given it 9 out of 10. EDGE magazine is one of the these sites which reviewed Lair and gave it a score of 9 out of 10.

While this has not been confirmed yet, the availability of EDGE magazine and Gamezone will be available in a few days in which we will know if this rumor is true."

Well there goes the Forum Articles up to No good. I should of known when I seen "un-named source"

I hear that Odin's sphere is actually a good game. I said would not buy PS2 games anymore. Blue Dragon, I will still get but I wanna know what they didn't like.

I'm old-school and I do like turn-based RPGs. I've gotten a little bored with FFVII, it has become to automatic with the Gambits.
Hatchetforce  +   2949d ago
Right zhuk and Blue Dragon was the way Microsft was going to revolutionize RPGs. With all the money they dumped on it, ouch.
Loudninja  +   2949d ago
Wow at these scores
Man,Tenchu Z is to high
kevoncox  +   2949d ago
Got the same score. Come on.
I have both demo's....Trust me the polish on both games aren't anywhere close to each other.
achira  +   2949d ago
blue dragon is crap, like expected. another hyped ms game, which does not deliver ?
tplarkin7  +   2949d ago
Famitsu gave BD 10,9,9,9
There's something wrong with Edge. Reviews should not soley be based on "opinion". If they don't like JRPGs, then they should review JRPGs. I don't want a review by someone that hates JRPGs because I like JRPGs. I want a review by someone that understands the genre.
xhi4  +   2949d ago
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.....
Lol man thats one angry reviewer...
Rama26285  +   2949d ago
Nintendo Fan?
Has anyone noticed how all the games for Nintendo get high scores and all the rest get low low scores.

Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what is being said about GRAW2? Why only a 6?? And lastly, what did the 360 version get???
ItsDubC  +   2949d ago
Has anyone noticed how all the games for Nintendo get high scores and all the rest get low low scores.
Maybe, just MAYBE, this could be because the Nintendo games reviewed this month are better than the others? I dunno, that just seems like the most logical and obvious reason. Ouendan and Brain Training are great game series, and we all know how well Z:PH scored in other mags.
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Nervsys  +   2949d ago
Can't rememember what the 360 review was, but I think it was higher than 6.

There's probably no difference in the two versions, but the reviewer may have already played the 360 version several months ago and just scored it lower because it didn't seem like anything new. I guess thats always a risk if one console gets a game earlier. BTW this is not a dig at the PS3.
TheExecutive  +   2949d ago
lair review is fake then. Well good, maybe they decided to wait for a finished game, like some other reviewers should.

On another note: Zelda got a 9? Give me a break I played the Twilight Princess for the Wii and it felt like a ps1 experience. Im guessing this cant be that good. I can tell you that I will enjoy GRAW2 and I enjoy Calling All Cars way more than I ever would Zelda.

Hell this reviewer could give Lair a 2.0 and I wouldnt believe a word he said. We obviously have way different tastes.

EDIT: at VirusE... nah my brain isnt broken lol, just not my cup of tea. I didnt think the game was immersive at all. I guess I have grown out of some of the ninetendo games(no offense meant for anyone that loves ninetendo).
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VirusE  +   2949d ago
I also played zelda TP and it was amazing. Maybe your brain is broken, tp got good reviews from EVERY single mag that reviewed it.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2949d ago
These guys should make videos like Angry Video Game Nerd except with some usual british accent and release them on DVDs, I will buy them on day one
johnnywit  +   2949d ago
I don't trust these scores. I mean Odin sphere is way to low. Every other Mag praised that game.

Also blue dragon got like 35/40 in famitsu. If they rate an rpg high then I know i'm going to like it.
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riksweeney  +   2949d ago
I can't believe Transformers got such a low score. It looks really really cool! And, by extension, the gameplay must be great too!

Does anyone think Edge is being unreasonable?
Infernus  +   2949d ago
Nope that score is about right...
I heard the game is terrible. It may look good but other than transforming the gameplay is just smash and blow stuff up over and over and over again. It's not a good game. The film is good; the game is not. I watch epilepticgaming and they gave it a 3 or 4 I think. Smashing stuff up may be fun for a bit but I'm sure it gets boring and that's where this game falls.
Gil  +   2949d ago
I played Transformers and it sucked in ways that I never thought a game could suck. It was completely horrible.
Wile  +   2949d ago
Japan liked blue dragon, hmm
and what's the deal with PS3 GRAW getting a 6 too. Wow tuff crowd those EDGE people. The 2 for the tranformers game I think is to high tho :p
macalatus  +   2949d ago
Tough crowd...you're right about that one. If I remember, they gave God of War II a "7" score.
Snake_Doctor  +   2949d ago
so basically
They could have listed the games by platform and then said
DS = Good
Else = Suck

Short sweet and to the point
TheExecutive  +   2949d ago
yeah lol... its quite a coincidence that the DS is hugely popular right now. Its also a coincidence that by nature humans like to read, hang out with, talk to, etc... people who agree with them. Hmmm... maybe it isnt a coincidence after all.
johnnywit  +   2949d ago
Come on Techu Z and Monster madness is the same as GRAW, Blue Dragon, and Odin sphere??? Something is not right with that.
LSDARBY  +   2949d ago
Lair doesnt come out over here (UK) until October so they probably dont review imports. Im suprised GRAW2 got such a low score, what was the 360 version scored at?
Wile  +   2949d ago
360 Edge score
They scored it a 7


An excerpt:

"For dedicated Ghosts GRAW 2 is a no-brainer. For the rest of us it's just the exact game "Advanced Warfighter" should have been and would have beeen if the clock wasn't watching; Ubisoft rewriting history and charging us twice for the privilege. [May 2007, p.89]"
WafflesID  +   2949d ago
well that settles it. Edge are Teh SuK
WIIIS1  +   2949d ago
I don't fancy jrpgs that much so I can't say I got much of a kick playing BD, but judging it by that genre, I'd say BD deserves at least an 8.
Jack Bauer  +   2949d ago
their reviews were nullified when i looked at the GRAW 2 and Odin Sphere scores....Blue Dragon...if you like Jrpgs...it's spectacular.
AllroundGamer  +   2949d ago
i agree with them, the demo of Blue Dragon wasn't so great, and i really like JRPGs, waiting rather for the Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey.
LeShin  +   2949d ago
lol I'll never...ever...EVER trust Edge's reviews again. Back in the day, when I used to buy the magazine, one issue still stands out in my mind......the issue where they gave Super Mario Allstars 99%!!!!!!!!!!

99%?! Are you crazy?! After that day, that was it for me. It was a good game but 99%?!

Bloody fanboys
riksweeney  +   2949d ago
I stopped trusting Edge reviews after they gave Halo 10/10
Kleptic  +   2949d ago
haha they really gave halo a 10/10? I never understood why it would get such ridiculously high scores...don't get me wrong I loved the first 2...but it was never the best fps I ever played...
Rythrine  +   2949d ago
With that story of yours, I'm beginning to think that they favor Nintendo games better. C'mon, Zelda got a 9 while Odin Sphere a 6? Pfft.
WafflesID  +   2949d ago
I'm with you on halo. DEFINATELY not the best FPS I've played. Not by a long shot.

Halo 1 has some of the worst levels I've had to suffer through. But the good parts of the game make up for the few bad levels.
VirusE  +   2949d ago
I think that mario allstars is a perfect game. Halo got scores like this from quite a few other mags it was hardly off base. Go to metacritic and look up halo and halo 2 they both got tons of perfect or near perfect reviews. Keep in mind these reviewers play games for all of the systems so of course there scores are going to piss off fanboys; they lack the extreme bias that most single systems owners display.
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Kleptic  +   2949d ago
haha thank you VirusE for pointing out their lack of biased opinions...and I owned Halo 1 and 2...so if anything I should be biased towards it...

I was excited for halo 2 in late 2004...bought it off a pre-order...played the crap out of it...that very same time period was the release of Half Life 2...which completely destroyed it imo on every single level...yet Halo 2 in a lot of cases got equal or better scores from reviewers...and no one that has been playing shooters since the beginning would agree with that...

not that this has anything to do with the discussion...but BioShock is a 360 game that looks absolutely stunning...and halo 3...Unless it is radically reinvented...I got my fill of the franchise a while ago...
VirusE  +   2948d ago
I have played just about every shooter since the dawn of time and to be honest I didn’t think half life was as great as you make it out to be. If you doubt that I play pc games we can see who has the better gaming pc and I think you will be silenced very quickly. I have been an avid pc gamer for years and I just don’t agree with what you are saying. The vehicle parts sucked hard, moving barrels to lift the boat sucked, hell most of the goofy slow down the pace physics puzzles sucked and after playing halo 1 I started to dislike the "DOOM" weapon system used by half life. I like being able to shoot toss a nade and hit someone with my gun without switching to another gun. Half life sticks 100% to the very tired DOOM formula that most pc fps games stick to. The multiplayer in halo2 was BY FAR better than half life 2s. The single player design was better in half life 2 but as a complete package I preferred halo 2. After using the matching making systems and playing a game where EVERYONE has a mike I just didn’t see how people could still play half life 2 online. It’s a doom death match with better graphics. It’s all about running for the biggest gun as fast as you can. Halo added new elements to the fps genre half life was a mod and half life 2 was nothing more than half life 1 with shinny graphics and physics. Halo 2 got rated better because it was a better game and obviously the gaming press is on my side.
Kleptic  +   2947d ago
well now wait...what exactly did Halo 2 do so much better than Halo 1...had Halo 1 started with XBL...halo 2 only really brought the dual wielding smgs and some other small stuff...and the graphics were actually the same...

you criticize Half Life 2 as being a prettier Half Life 1...when halo 2 didn't really add much to halo 1 at all...it added online (something that made it better than halo 1, but that was MSs doing with launching XBL...not with Halo 2 as a game)...and I agree on the single player...I felt that Halo 2's single player was even worse than halo 1...which is saying something...I since day 1 have thought that Halo is worthless as a single player game...its cheesy/childish giggly enemies drive me crazy...worthless friendly AI (very decent enemy AI for the time though) and a relatively idiotic story never impressed me...

I guess that is what I am getting at...I played the beta at a friend's numberous times for halo 3...and it added a few cool things...but nothing that really stuck out as unbelievable to me...then everyone was like "wait for the single player, wait for the single player"...which was a point where I knew my love for the franchise had expired...I loved the first 2 at the time...but the third one simply doesn't appear to add enough for me to get back into it, hype aside...

I know you are a fan of the series, I have read numerous posts of yours on the subject...which is fine...they are very well made games...where you prefer the at the time new stuff like melee and one hand grenade/one hand weapon...i was still happy with the less realistic your dude can carry 15 weapons type of stuff...I don't dislike halo by anymeans...i simply never looked at those little innovations as such a big deal...I still like faster paces, and now have started to prefer a faster pace with some of Halo's stuff like a one hit melee kill...

In either case to each their own...but in regards to your extremely feeble attempt at "silencing me" because you may or may not have a better PC than me..what is that about?...I couldn't care less what kind of gaming rig you have, and that has absolutely nothing to do with how much of a fan of PC games you are...I owned every single high profile PC fps since Wolfenstein 3D (even though that was shareware, so you never really "buy" that, as well as Doom 1) to Half Life 2...I haven't upgraded my PC since HL2, and kind of fell out of it after anyway (only big FPS to come around since then was FEAR,and Quake 4, which I played through the 360 and PS3 since anyway)...I have never had a really impressive gaming PC, but it played the games well...and that is all that mattered...just because you have invested a lot in apperantly an impressive PC, does not mean you have played more or less PC games than me...

if you think you watch more movies than me lets compare home theaters and I bet you will be silenced...see how poorly that works?
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achira  +   2949d ago
ppl calm down, this are only subjective ratings. to look only on one rating is hilirious. if 10 reviews say it is a 2 then this is clear. when 5 reviews say it is a 8 and 5 reviews say it is a 2, then its not so clear, and you should rent it. that is very simple. it seems that EDGE is a little biased torward nintendo, but who cares, as long they are not biased to ms ? war is between ms and sony, nintend has already won.
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Wile  +   2949d ago
Achira, you are hilarious. No more than hour ago in this thread (post 6 to be exact) you are more than happy to slate Blue Dragon as a failed MS game.

quote (case you try to edit it):
"blue dragon is crap, like expected. another hyped ms game, which does not deliver"

then you now post this (again quoted in case you try to edit it):

"ppl calm down, this are only subjective ratings. to look only on one rating is hilirious. if 10 reviews say it is a 2 then this is clear. when 5 reviews say it is a 8 and 5 reviews say it is a 2, then its not so clear, and you should rent it. that is very simple. it seems that EDGE is a little biased torward nintendo, but who cares, as long they are not biased to ms ? war is between ms and sony, nintend has already won."

So which is it? Does one score reflect a games real worth? Or does it reflect the games worth only when you can cherry pick it to further your fanboy needs?

@ snake doctor:
LOL, your right, what was I thinking! *grabs a hammer, takes aim at the square peg*
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Snake_Doctor  +   2949d ago

You fail. You are trying to fit your logics into his fanboy (square peg, round hole)

*shakes head*
Kleptic  +   2949d ago
ha usually you have to dig into another thread to find someone blatantly contradicting themselves...this is probably the funniest example I have seen in a long time...
MK_Red  +   2949d ago
Well, no word of Lair (The rumored 9) is a bit discouraging. Also, they gave both Calling All Cars & Odin Sphere, two top ranking games 6 so that doesnt really make Blue Dragon worthy of 6 but with that 6 from EGM.
Its also unfair that both Transformers and Hour Of Victory got 2. If Trans deserves 2 (Which it may) then Hour shoud definitly be 1 or 0. THE worst excuse for a WWII shooter IMO.
RadientFlux  +   2949d ago
Could have been that they just they liked Blue Dragon more then EGM
Rythrine  +   2949d ago
A 0 (Zero) for Hour eh? You're more bitter than those EDGE reviewers lolz. That was funny, you sir deserves a bubble.
TL24  +   2949d ago
Lair dosn't come out till October for the UK/Europe regions... Could be why the review isn't on this issue...
TheMART  +   2949d ago

So the so called rumour for the 9 on Lair in EDGE is indeed


Stupid PS3 fanboys rumours. It just got a 6 from EGM. It's bad.

And GRAW 2 for PS3 a 6 also? Calling all Cars also a 6?

Ouch. At least the 360 gets Bioshock that just got a 9.5 and a 10 out of 10
Zhuk  +   2949d ago
yeh bioshock pwns lair they're not even in the same league
TheExecutive  +   2949d ago
who cares what edge has to say... they obviously prefer NInetendo over any other console. AS you know one review doesnt make a game good or bad, especially if the review wasnt even from the final game.

Yeah bioshock got a 10/10 from the official xbox magazine...

I will agree with you that it looks like one heck of a game though.
ParaDise_LosT  +   2949d ago
I guess
MS wins August?
the war begins o_o
*activating anti troll shield*
teehee, so whats up next?september?...
what comes out this september?
hrrrmm....I wonder.... :D
okcomputer  +   2949d ago
broken record
Seriously mart, do you post anything but flame? Its funny, you really do seem to enjoy flamewars with ps3 fanboys more than actual gaming itself.
nasim  +   2949d ago
BIOSHOCK PC version got 9.5 from PC GAMER
the x360 version is wayy in ferior graphically ....since the PC version was reviewed on a 8800 GTX.

Bisoshock is an extremely slow paced FPS.

LAIR pwns BIOSHOCK /x360 games irrespective of reviews.

LAIR makes you halo 3 and ME look like cartoon wii games.

dont trash LAIR boys.

BTW:- official xbox magazine oXM would ofcourse be giving BIO a good score.

But not others...BIO is an extremely slow paced games.

BOTS;_ dont think sporadic bad reviews would deter the consumers from BUYING IT
Odion  +   2949d ago
Ok Tenchi Z is not as good as Blue Dragon by a LONG shot
ParaDise_LosT  +   2949d ago
I never really cared for
Blue Dragon.....I never liked dragon quest so I didn't really connect with BD
The JRPG I'm waiting for is Lost Odyssey :D
midgard229  +   2949d ago
u can tell that edge are only zelda fans and nothing else. i mean blue dragon 6??? ODIN SPHERE 6???? i give odin sphere a 9, especially if u get everything, dang the end is good ;p
Hatchetforce  +   2949d ago
What did Edge give Graw2 on the 360? Having played the PS3 version it actually looks better, has 14 additional maps and 8 new weapons. If he didn't sink GRAW2 on the 360 then there is a disparity as unlike Vegas, the PS3 version is much better.
Wile  +   2949d ago
They scored it a 7


An excerpt:

"For dedicated Ghosts GRAW 2 is a no-brainer. For the rest of us it's just the exact game "Advanced Warfighter" should have been and would have beeen if the clock wasn't watching; Ubisoft rewriting history and charging us twice for the privilege. [May 2007, p.89]"
J@D  +   2949d ago
Bad news for Blue Dragon. The producer it gonna get reallly mad right now this the bunch of review that are coming lately... poor guy. Now, where is the Lair review?.
Bathyj  +   2949d ago
Man, no one likes Tenchu but me. :(
okcomputer  +   2949d ago
I used to love the tenchu series. The first two were awesome, and the ps2 one was solid. Then they made absolutely no progress with the series at all with tenchu z. Its still a decent game, but at its core its the same exact game we played back in 1997. The ai is still at the same braindead ps1 level it was 10 years ago and thats just unforgivable.
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