Microsoft: No Xbox 360 price cut for UK

It's widely expected that Microsoft is to officially cut the price of Xbox 360 over in the US shortly, but it's a move that won't be emulated in the UK.

"We're very happy with the price we're at, and have no plans to make any changes at this time," a company spokesperson said in a statement to CVG.

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ShiftyLookingCow3882d ago

how about a bundle sony style

vidoardes3882d ago

We never get the price cuts cause all of our retailers undercut the RRP as much as humanly possible without making a loss. The competitive nature of our retail market is unlike any other.


For one side, not too smart move, since America is the only place where Sony don't beats MS, it would be equal hard to Sony if MS low its price on EU countries as was for MS when Sony lower its price tag in the US.

But smart at the other hand, cause America is where Sony low it's price, and where MS have to guarantee that stills leading (cause, if you think a little, even only leading on US, this is enough to put MS in front of Sony on last months sales).

PS: note that I'm pushing the Wii aside, nobody can stop that thing (except for Nintendo's ship issues and the instability of the POP).

the_round_peg3882d ago

"So don't buy 360 now, wait for the price cut!"

Zhuk3882d ago

i dont understand what is going on in the heads of Sony or Microsoft, these machines need price cuts everywhere, not just in the US

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The story is too old to be commented.