The Sexiest Black Gaming Console Today Is....

With Microsoft recently joining the shiny black finish look with their latest console, the Xbox 360 250GB; in terms of sexy and style, how well does it match up against the existing shiny black PS3, PS3 Slim and Black Nintendo Wii? Which black console is the sexiest looking of them all?

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Canucks233081d ago

That's deff the winner of best looking console this gen. Hard to top that curvy piano black/chrome combo.

ipwnall3081d ago

Agreed. The Fat PS3 looked completely futuristic. Looks perfect in my set up.

UnwanteDreamz3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )


darthv723081d ago

the ps3 is great but that big curved top look reminds me of a counter top grill.

I am simply talking about the physical appearance and not the technical prowess.

Just because the new 360 has the better looking console (opinion) the ps3 still has the better looking games

thewrathman3081d ago

i cant tell if the new xbox is sexy or not.since the rest of the world outside america..hasnt actually seen it in person.

but i do prefer the slim ps3 to my current phat 40gig.but those are asthetics.and im not an interior i could care less if it makes fung sui sense.

either way..newer usually looks better than is the new xbox nicer to look at or is it just newer to the eye?

ShinMaster3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Grill? Never thought of that until now. Probably cause most(myself included) have our PS3 on a standing position(which also takes less space).

The New Xbox 360 looks like a somewhat ugly Alienware PC spawn...

ChozenWoan3081d ago

For some reason, the 360s looks like a futuristic blender or the "Mr Fusion" from the back to the future series... so my vote is for the Phatties.

darthv723081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I prefer to have mine lying down. Some like the stand up option. When viewed like that...yeah...Mr Fusion in black.

They need to bring up some other notable "black" consoles: Genesis, 3DO, Saturn, Dreamcast (in black), PS2, etc...

I am sure I missed some.

edit: I guess I don't look at alienware PC's much. I do however think the new 360 looks way better than those freaky PC cases you can find at Fry's with the big swing out panel covers and lights and gauges.

PLAYstar3080d ago

The weight of expensiveness, the curves, the shinny edges, the horsepower! PS3 fat is undoubtedly the sexist beast machine on the universe!

Xbox 360 slim looks like a cheap chrome plastic w/tray that would brick anytime, and it sure live up to its image.

frostyhat1233080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Make a Wii slim! It's way to big right now.

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Applegate3081d ago

Fat PS3 and Xbox 360s are in a tie I would say.

The PS3 slim is plain out not sexy. And the black Wii looks ok I guess.

wicko3081d ago

I think the slim looks a hell of a lot better than the fat. I don't dig the shiny reflective surface, it loves to attract finger prints.

WhittO3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

No the Slim looks really cheap compared to the Fat (even though is quieter and cooler etc.)

The Fat PS3 looks Powerful and expensive, along with loads of added features like flipping the lid ontop to show memory card readers or turning the Playstation Logo if standing the console up etc.

It is totally worth the price-tag, I have never been one of those who cried about the PS3's price, because in terms of features/value for money - the PS3 was UNDER PRICED at launch!

I mean really, were people so poor not to spend that much on something that is so so much more than just a console that plays games! I'd like to know how much they spent on their PC's/Macs etc.

D4RkNIKON3081d ago

just don't finger it...

wicko3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I dunno I've owned both (launch 60gb and now 120gb slim, but upgraded to 320GB) and I just prefer the slim. I do agree it was worth the pricetag though.

I find the 360 slim to be the ugliest of them all.

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sinclaircrown3081d ago

Looks at home in any entertainment center.

I love my 360, and won't be 'upgrading' to the slim, but the original design kinda sucked.

Natsu X FairyTail3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I guess it's a different opinion for everybody . because to me the PS3's 1st model was one of the ugliest consoles ever(90s+). I dunno The earlier consoles looked much better like psone and 2 slim. I do like the ps3 slim version but I dont really like the grainy texture. they should have let it piano black .

R2D23081d ago

Too Late

Its a tie between my PS3 fat and my 360s - My black Wii is nice but needs a little bit more horse power.

Good job MS!!

UnwanteDreamz3081d ago

In before someone needlessly mentions PS3 trolls.

Too Late?

thereapersson3081d ago

Your statement could have existed without that header.

Sometimes I wonder if people bring on the flaming they so adamantly crusade against...

raztad3081d ago

R2D2 always talk about ps3 trolls and never notice the xbox trolls because probably he agrees with them.

OT: I own a shiny fat PS3, however I totally would replace it for a Slim PS3, my fat is still rocking hard so I cant.

DA_SHREDDER3081d ago

The ps3 fat is the nicest looking, but the ps3 slim is a close second. Especially after seeing all those new cool looking stands with extra usb ports. I dont see how the ps4 could beat the ps3 fat in design and functionality. I already have a SD card slot on my fat for the next standard in future consoles. 4g services through sprint would be nice. Instead of using routers the ps4 could be the router. More ports forsure, Im thinking there isn't gonna be much improvements in design besides them getting shinier and smaller. The future is definitely handhelds.

Bnet3433081d ago

Black? That's racist. /s

360Defender3081d ago

You cant use that word! Only WE can use that word! 8D

N4g_null3081d ago

I don't like the redesign but it's smaller so that's good. The thing looks like a 1957 car with wings in the back like the old bat man car. Lol

Design wise the wii wins to me. Now if they can pull a snes design for the next system we may have a tie.

The ps3 standing up looks great and I actualy like the redesign of the slim but it always reminds me of a laptop.

AAACE53081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I gotta agree, I bought the fat Ps3, 3 days before the slim came out because it looked so good! But you can't deny the new 360 looks good as well. I don't care if you hate the 360 or not, you gotta give it credit! The black Wii looks a lot better as well.

edhe3080d ago

IMO the fat ps3 looks like a beefed up master system that's been hacked up somewhat.

There's not been any sense of aesthetics in the sony consoles ever. The Wii has a beautiful simple aesthetic.

ChickeyCantor3080d ago

" Just because the new 360 has the better looking console (opinion) the ps3 still has the better looking games "

Yes cause thats all that matters in video games =D.

frostyhat1233080d ago

but no that it's gone the new winner is xbox slim

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Cregan45843081d ago

Sony PS3 FTW. The other two showed up late after they saw the prettiest girl at the party wore black.

Myst3081d ago

Really liked the phat PS3, but I liked the look of the black Wii-mote as well.

VersusEM3081d ago

Those RACIST, I know what they REALLY mean. No, no just kidding, all the systems look great though.

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sinclaircrown3081d ago

Not all 360 fans are idiots like this one. If you are a fan of one console only, that's your choice. You'll be losing out on the great games each console has to offer but again, your choice.

that has nothing to do with downright disrespectful racist BS like this.

Take your fanboy BS out of here please. People like you will only encourage this fool even more.

bramabull803081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

wow he even used the E-R... -shaking my head
EDIT: and shame on the people who agreed with him!

ChozenWoan3081d ago

That's what XBox Live is like... JK

*Looks down at 4.3*
so can we get an IP ban in here Mods... like ASAP!

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ForzaGT3081d ago

fat ps3 for the backward compatibility