The Y-axis

TheSixthAxis takes a look at how the inverted Y-axis actually does make sense.

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N4GAddict3079d ago

It only works when flying IMO

UnSelf3079d ago

i always invert in every game where theres a gun involved.

til dis day ppl dont understand why i do and tbh neither do i. i just cant imagine pwning noobs any other way

Invert aim FTW!!

Theonik3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Same. I've actually been in a debate on this issue with a friend. If you think about it you puull the gun down with your trigger hand to point up n real life so it does make sense. Same as in a planethe back of the plan move down for the nose to go up. Also gave him the example on the article to explain it better. He still thinks i'm weird xD
Only thing i never got was inverting the X-axis. How does that make sense?
Inverted Y-axis FTW!

Elwenil3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Uhh, no. With a weapon such as a rifle, you have to keep the stock against your shoulder and you elevate the front of the weapon. In the case of a pistol, you keep the weapon stationary and elevate your arm, pivoting at the shoulder. You do not drop the rear of the weapon to elevate your aim.

Hideo_Kojima3078d ago

You people on prefer it either way because you are used to it. If you switch and play in the opposite way after a month or so the old way you used to play will feel really weird to you instead.

@Theonik... that would mean that you should also invert the X axis because in order to aim the gun left you move the back bit that you hold to the right but do you do that? Do you move the remote control down when you want to aim higher at the TV?

@Elwenik... thats right unless the gun is MOUNTED you do not move it in an inverter action.

In Airplane games it works because that is how flying sticks work in helicopters, planes and anything else that flies but in guns or driving it is odd to invert the axis.

Elwenil3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

That is true, with a mounted weapon you do lower the rear of the weapon since it is mounted on a centered pivot, which is why I clarified that I was talking about a rifle and pistol. These are the two most common types of weapons used in shooters and similar games. In comparison, mounted weapons are rare and in most multiplayer games, hardly used since they are basically sniper-bait.

3078d ago
ChozenWoan3078d ago

After Burner, Air Diver, Top Gun, Ace Combat, Wing Commander, Colony Wars, & Decent: Free Space are some of my most favorite games of all time... just wish we could get some space shooter love for Gen7.

Hopefully more devs will see what Bungie is doing with the space combat in Reach, and will get their acts together.

Theonik3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

No it actually makes sense. Just think about it this way:
If the weapon is a rifle to aim upwards your head and your gun is tilted towards you. Same goes with a handgun. As you aim up your weapon points in the same direction as you look at it with an inverted arrangement of the stick. Inverting the X-axis on the other hand doesn't make sense imo because you don't use the X-axis to tilt your gun but to turn where it is more logical to think. Right = turn right etc.
Edit: That is assuming the controller is horizontal.
@Bellow: Exactly, that's what i meant. Also applies if ou imagine the stick is the upper part of your body.

rkimoto3078d ago

Yeah, you don't pivot the rifle by dropping the rear, you're actually pulling it up, but the movement is still a clockwise pull down, just like you would do with the analog stick.

DaCajun3078d ago

Ok video game nerds and non real life gun owners. How you you hold a controller? I hole mine level so the sticks are pointing up so to me I push forward on the stick to point down and pull back to point up. When you hold a real gun like some of us that actually have guns, you pivot your wrist and body forward to point down and vice versa to point up.

If you're on top of a building and you want to point down to shoot something which way does your body pivot/move? Just imagine your body as the stick. But like I said before I hold my controller level with the sticks points up not sure about the rest of everyone out there. Inverted Y-axis feels more like a natural body movement to me.

The Great Melon3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

My reasoning for inverted or not is based how the object pivots in the game as others have said. When playing a game with a gun I view that as pointing a cursor at something. It makes sense that up would move the cursor up. However for flying games I think of myself as the plane, so in order to mimic that movement the control stick then is effectively the plane. Inverting the left and right doesn't make much sense because that movement doesn't directly translate as well as up and down. Left and right inversion would be good for rolling not for pointing or moving in a direction.

It basically comes down whether you perceive yourself as the object or the one controlling a cursor.

Theonik3078d ago

Exactly what i am trying to describe. it's really hard to explain it without a visual example really. To me it just makes sense that way. But i guess each to his own preference in the end.

rkimoto3078d ago

@ Da Cajun

That's exactly what I was trying to explain... thanks for the better description!

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Raf1k13079d ago

I remember quite a few people using it with FPS games on PC though I don't see that much anymore and I agree it does work best when flying but even then I tend to stick with normal Y-axis.

PirateThom3079d ago

I just don't under stand it... up is up, down is down.

UnSelf3079d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

lol not to me. when i pull down i wanna go up and vice versa.

from article which makes perfect sense: "People say ‘Up is up and down is down.’, but in these terms, is it really? There’s no disputing the fact that the relative direction of up, is in fact, up or that if you climb down a rope, you are actually going down, but you have to think of it in terms of a controller. You hold the controller flat and you press forward with the stick to look up and pull back on the stick to look down. Does that still make sense? No, it doesn’t. Unless the gun is stuck to your forehead"

Raf1k13078d ago

It's just one of those things that comes down to preference. I think of inverted as allowing you to tilt the camera like you do on a tripod where you move the handle up to make the camera look down. Still, I prefer normal and always have while my cousin has always played with inverted.

Baka-akaB3078d ago

i dont get it neither ... but since we always have the choice it's ok.

What bother me thought is when some games label it wrongly (yet it happened a few rare times , with invert unchecked , being it fact the invert mode)

Celeras3078d ago

To me, it entirely relates to whether I'm first person or third person.

When I'm in first person, I agree with you. When I'm in third person.. well, I'm playing from a floating camera following my character around from an equidistant point behind. In order to look to the left and still keep my character in the middle of the screen, I would have to swing the above camera around to the right.

Makes perfect sense that way to me. Anything else feels unnatural.

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PS360PCROCKS3078d ago

My brother does this I never got it...makes no sense, why do you want to switch what's natural? Lol up is NOT down!

ChronoJoe3078d ago

Only reason it works in flying is because when people play flight games they invision themsleves as the pilot, rather than the plane. A pilots controls are naturally 'inverted', well, you pull it closer towards you to pull up, further to go down.

So that translates to inversion on a controller. It doesn't make sense for typical targeting reticles. In a shooting game they just consider the crosshairs, and the gun, not imaginging themselves as the person firing the gun, or the head of the person firing the gun.

That's my take on it anyway.

Reefskye3078d ago

The brain associates "up" with looking anything above you, so when you have never used a controller before with inverted Y your automatic reaction is to push up to look up. I get what he's saying but our brains are not programmed like that :P

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