Dragon Age: Origins Leliana’s Song DLC Review | JPS

"Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins is a RPG that can be considered as epic since everyone, including myself, loves the game so much. After more than fifty hours of playing Origins and Awakening, a new batch of DLC is upon us. We received a lot of worthless downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, but that might change with the release of Leliana’s Song on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, as it will offer something that the fans have wanted for a long time." - JPS

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easto1a3080d ago

would rather a full sequel :\

ShadyDevil3080d ago

Full sequel would be great.

MightyMark4273079d ago

Yea I want DA2 but it's next year :(

MattyF3080d ago

Good to see continuing support for the title.