Hydrophobia: First Impressions

Eurogamer writes: The real star of Hydrophobia isn't female lead Kate, but the water that rapidly floods the environments and influences almost every aspect of gameplay. This isn't about pretty water reflections that merely slow a characters' movement, nor is it about taking games back to that period where every adventure game had to have an underwater level, just because it could. The water in Hydrophobia is more than that - it acts as a weapon, a key, transportation and an entire control system that the player uses to influence, change and conquer the environment.

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SpaceCowgirl4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Ever since this game was announced I have been excited about it. Such a unique idea and so interesting to see a game that is going to rely on water and water physics/graphics so heavily. They have a great chance to try new things here. This will also be very scary to me since I do have kind of a fear of being trapped underwater/claustrophobia/don' twanttodrown.

Rowland4157d ago

the apparent lack of interest in this game... it'll be beautiful & stunning to play.