Playstation 4 – what should/could it be?

With Ken Kutaragi (the ‘father of the PlayStation’) wanting developers input into the next Playstation in development, I thought I would write a blog with a little bit of my experience with the Playstation 3, and what I could do with in the next console from Sony.

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darkcharizard3082d ago

It should be launched at a price less than $350 so that it has high sales and acquires a huge install base like the PS2 had.

xbox360_fan3082d ago

Yup if it launches at an unaffordable price it will be heavily dominated by Xbox 720!

Chug3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


xX TriiCKy Xx3082d ago

Troll, Troll go away...Don't come back another day...Or ever, for that matter.

ConanOBrien3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Don't make a CELL based Playstation anymore..

The CELL CPU is officially DEAD, says IBM :

It didn't live up to much of the hype. Only angry fanbois living in the past will disagree. Fact

ShinMaster3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

What made the CELL great was XDR RAM which worked together with the GPU.

Arnon3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

XDR RAM is useless if all it can produce is 256 MB. It really doesn't matter how fast it is. 256 MB is 256 MB. I don't see PCs using complicated measures to produce good looking games. There's no reason Sony should either. It'll be much easier on the developers as well.

The Cell is technically dead. It was supposed to be used for multiple things, and it was basically canned from being done. The PS3 is the only piece of technology, from my knowledge, that uses the Cell. There's no reason to continue using it when there's vastly superior CPUs already on the market/coming out.

Dramscus3081d ago

They've been letting cell die because it would require to much work to become mainstream. In order for it to be in a new generation of super fast pc's entirely new operating systems would have to be coded for it.
Everyone that knows anything about processors knows the spe technology is the shizzle as far as power is concerned.
It's just that like the ps3 devs had trouble figuring out the cell all those pc program makers and game makers would have to relearn and remake everything.

You wouldn't be able to just boot up windows 7 install photoshop and a bunch of games on it and be on you happy way at super speed. Like I said and will now repeat. New os, new programs, and new games. Everything old would be obsolete.
Which is why it will never happen on the pc.

But why it should happen for ps4. The dev's are already practiced with it. They would get to translate all their engines and libraries from the ps3 to it easily, and it would be backwards compatible with ps3 games.

DeadlyFire3081d ago

My thoughts on PS4 tech.

CPU - 16 cores/threads a minimum
RAM - 2 GB minimum. XDR or XDR 2 likely. Its faster than all the others.
GPU - 1 Tflop performance or higher.

Even though IBM states they are no longer pushing the Cell forward they state the more efficient new chips for 2010 will still be coming 2010/2011. So its still possible PS4 might sport Cell 2.0 Its to early to say though. IBM Also has PowerPC A2 coming. Likely that will be used for Xbox 720. Never know though. I expect either way PS4/X720 will use 16 threads or more.

XDR Ram can go just as high as normal RAM. Only fault for PS3 was that NVIDIA didn't use XDR Ram and I don't believe they knew how to set it up with their GPU and didn't want risk taking performance hit with it. Its why XDR RAM and DDR3 were used together I believe. If not it could of been all XDR and run much higher and faster than the DDR 3 Ram NVDIA had for its GPU.

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oricon3082d ago

I think we need to stick to the current consoles as long as possible or that the new consoles technically not too advance, the reason i say this is because we're at a point where game development costs are too high because of the higher specs of the consoles, developers make nearly the same amount of money on the games this gen than last gen which can hurt the industry harder if development cost more than their already are.

darkcharizard3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

True, but one or two consoles will be out by holiday 2012. Most likely Wii's successor. There is already talk of PS4 in the works, so who knows? Maybe we'll have PS4 by 2012. And don't forget that Xbox 360 needs a successor; that thing's been out since 2005!

Also, yes the console business is going to be hurt, as many analysts have predicted. We might not see a ninth generation altogether... :(

@xbox360_fan: Stupid fanboy trolling around! GTFO!

beardpapa3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

2 CBE with 8 cores available please, more ram, faster br drive, and retain the user-changeable harddrive. Add in a newer gpu for the lazy developers. Then sell that for less than $350. By the time PS4 should be arriving, the first 3 pieces of hardware should be relatively inexpensive.

Xfanboy3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

You'll either get crappy hardware or Sony will have to lose alot of money!!!

1gb gpu 2gb ram & a quad core would be very expensive for sony to ship in a box!!

Gpus are getting bigger & hotter (thats what she said!!)

Ps3 has a modified 7800gt

released 2005

later on


Crytek is the only one pushing a Multi core engine!! So if Ps4 is $500 then whatever becuz the tech inside consoles effect other platform multiplats!!

I wonder if thev will go with Nvidia again?? if so then it will be more expensive unless the card is made small & specifically for Ps4 at a low price!! If Ps3 was $600 (Same price as an new iphone which is crazy!!!)at launch then who knows what could happen in 2013 I think thats date I got a feeling..

ABizzel13081d ago

Asking 1st party developers what they is probably the best thing they could do. Developers are going to want the most they can get out of the system, but at the same time Sony is only going to spend just enough to make the console affordable. I highly doubt the PS4 will cost $600 or $500 for that matter. The PS4 will cost $400 at the most, just so they don't over price themselves like they did this generation.

I honestly think Sony will be the last ones to launch again (technically they launch after the Wii thanks to Europe), and that would be beneficial for them, as to what they want to put into the system. I expect 2 - 4 GB of RAM, maybe an upgrade to the Cell, and a customized GPU.

They need to improve their online service (more community features, like cross game chat, tournaments, etc...), a new interface (the XMB is simple, but it's dated I truly believe Home will be the new version, but everything will be seamless, voice chat will be there, and Home will be what it should have been with the PS3).

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seij5553082d ago

You gotta give what the devs want so in turn they can give what the gamers want.

VersusEM3082d ago

I do not want a PS4 right now. Maybe in like 4 or 5 years later. But not any time soon.

SuperStrokey11233082d ago

2013 is when i would like it.

xHarvey3082d ago

-Easy to develop for
-Proven title at launch (Uncharted 3?)
-Improve online + new features
-Better tech obviously
-Back words compatibility with the PS3/PS2/PS1
-Price!PRICE! reasonable price!
-Come strong with the advertising, like you're doing now.

UnSelf3082d ago

the ps4 launch title should be FFVII

Akagi3082d ago

A launch title should be a 13 year old game remade?

Danja3082d ago

that would be a mega ton if the PS4 launches with FF7...

shoddy3082d ago

But no developer include crytek have made game of this kind.
Maybe dev cost?
Alan wake take 5 years and still subHD, wonder how long it'll take for the nextgen game to look ingame cgi.

GAM3R3082d ago

You should play Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 or Heavy Rain if you doubt games this gen don't look close to CGI

beardpapa3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

go play GoW3. Some gameplay scenes look very much like cgi especially the zeus fight.

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