Pain Developer Going Multiplatform For First Time With Next Title

A recent job listing has revealed that the next title from Idol Minds, the developers of the PSN hit Pain, will go multiplatform, hitting PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 when released.

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SpaceSquirrel3079d ago

I wonder what they could be working on.

captain-obvious3079d ago

good for them
small developers should always try to expand their markets

UnwanteDreamz3079d ago

I think it's cool but I hope for something different then a Pain style game.

I wasn't fond of Pain

ShinMaster3079d ago

I wasn't to fond of Pain. But I hope their next title is something pretty cool/better!

mjolliffe3079d ago

Didn't previously notice that all of Idol Minds' titles were exclusively on PlayStation...

Tony-A3079d ago

I never even knew they made more than one game.

Godmars2903079d ago

In 48 hours - or less - there will be a full, "PS3 loses another exclusive/360 king" article stemming from this.

tinybigman3079d ago

but lets see how it pans out.

PSfan093079d ago

ps3 has alot of great exclusives and saying that would be a understatement

LiquifiedArt3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I only bought PAIN cause it was so early on in the life cycle. That purchase alone has impacted all remaining Digital purchases. It left me with such a foul taste in my mouth. This physics tech demo which you cant trade in and is vapor ware. bleh.

Maybe they'll make a game that isn't a game, but instead flash some colors on the screen and call it "Light Dance". Could be a nice lighting tech demo to couple with the physics tech demo.

jack_burt0n3079d ago

it is pretty lame but your overkill is unwarranted.

thereapersson3079d ago

A bit overpriced, but fun. It served as a good distraction when I didn't know what else to play. Plus my non-ps3-owning casual gaming friends always liked to play it when they'd come over. It wasn't for the crude, puerile humor, either.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3079d ago

a exetremely epic borring game

PirateThom3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

A Havok physics demo, with a ridiculous amount of DLC that totalled maybe 10 times what the base game (consisting of one level) cost.

Bnet3433079d ago

A garbage game that I got for free when I bought with my PS3 and would not play it even if they paid me. Nickel and dime you to death, don't support these assholes.

Godmars2903079d ago

A PSN title that lets you smash Andy Dick, David Hasselhoff, Elvira, George Takei and any number of actually random characters across a city via a giant slingshot ala Jackass.

Minus anything truly rude like a pile of crap to land in.

Snoogins3079d ago

I'd like to smash Elvira. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.