Epic struggling to bring Unreal Tournament III mods to Xbox 360

Epic Games' vice president Mark Rein has admitted that the firm is, despite a struggle, working its socks off to bring the Unreal Tournament III mod scene to the Microsoft Xbox 360. He explained that the open nature of the PC and PlayStation Network means they've not had a problem there, but Xbox Live is another matter.

"That's part of the reason we announced we were shipping the game on PC and PS3 this Fall, but we don't have a date for the Xbox 360 version - it'll be some time after the new year. Part of that is because we haven't been able to figure out just how we're going to do the mods. And Microsoft's got a very busy Christmas schedule... We just couldn't get enough attention from them to solve that problem", Rein said.

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SuperSaiyan43949d ago

What I do care about is playing the game.

But yeah this year is a very busy with loads of top titles coming out on the 360, UT3 isnt a top title for the 360 imo that can wait.

Wile3949d ago

My guess is it's because of the nature of the XBL system. The need help with MS's XBL administrators and techs to work in a file transfer system. Kind of like when you take a picture of your car in forza and post it to the forza site except it needs to work both ways.

the_round_peg3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Mark Rein: "Microsoft's got a very busy Christmas schedule... We just couldn't get enough attention from them to solve that problem."

Is Microsoft insane?

Unreal Engine 3 practically powers hundreds of high-profile games and blockbuster titles in the market. If Microsoft does not give enough attention to Epic, that means ALL UE3-powered game will suffer down the road.

Sony has already depatched a team of specialists to help Epic to optimize UE3 and UT3 for PS3. Why isn't Microsoft doing the same?? Do you know what that means?

That means PS3 UE3 will be more optimized than and perform better than 360 UE3. Hundreds and hundreds of games will be affected. That means hundreds of multi-platform UE3-powered titles that are currently in the pipeline will look better on PS3 than Xbox 360. Does Microsoft want that to happen?

_insane_cobra3949d ago

That's because UE3 is already well optimized for the Xbox 360. It's not without its flaws on either platform, but PS3 developers are currently having a lot more problems with it.

the_round_peg3949d ago

Obviously Epic is still having UE3/UT3 problem with 360.

And when he came out and openly said it in an interview, he must have been very frustrated by the lack of support from Microsoft.

_insane_cobra3949d ago

He was "complaining" about having to implement a different solution for distribution of mods over Xbox Live. Mods will probably require some sort of certification from Microsoft. That means fewer mods, but higher quality on average and no offensive content.

nomad1173949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

pay more attention to epic if they expect to get anywere and you guys get your version of ut3 faster

BIadestarX3949d ago

They did.. and it cost them 1 Billion... When they asked them to add the extra ram for Gears.. and then went behind their back and talk crap.. about wanting to give free content... for a game that microsoft invested so much money on.

Wile3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Is epic working on a optimized version of UT3 for the 360 as well as the PS3. Because I thought the UT3 engine was fine on the 360 but needed to be revamped to better exploit the cell's architecture. The think the attention needed from MS for epic is in the XBL arena. But I don't follow this stuff that closely.

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The story is too old to be commented.