Heavenly Sword - updated hands-on

It's been a dry first year for PlayStation 3 owners, but the trickle of long-awaited exclusives begins soon - and it's bringing this year's most anticipated hack-and-slasher along with it. Heavenly Sword. Here's an updated preview from Games radar...

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Real Gambler3883d ago

Fall will be expensive for PS3 owner...

VirusE3883d ago

Imagine how expenisve it is for us multi system owners! There are like 10 grade a titles coming out.

PlayStation3603883d ago

I'm out $600. How about you brother?

VirusE3883d ago

I think I might have to get a second mortgage :)

heavenly sword
UT 3
mass effect
metroid prime 3
and that is just a small portion of the list! I dont know how i am going to find the time to finish them all without my girl leaving me!

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jtmill073883d ago

I'm so happy to hear good things about this game. :-) The demo was BAD [email protected]@........

TruthBTold3883d ago

Fell in love with the demo, even though it was short, it was the best 5 minutes of my It got me more excited about what to expect from the rest of the game, every aspect of the game says AAA. I'll be getting my self an early birthday present. It will keep me busy until Christmas time which I'll be asking for PS3 games for presents, why spend on something else I wont use as much.


Another good well rounded review,

I think this will be a good game for the PS3, I'm not going to look at anymore vids though, or else the whole surprise of playing thru it, and experiencing it for the first time, will be ruined for me.

So far So good Ninja Theory !