Kojima comments about a possible Playstation 3 port for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima briefly discusses the possibility of porting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker from the PSP to the Playstation 3.

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mjolliffe3079d ago

Do it do it do it, please, Mr. Kojima!

raztad3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

A MGS fan would play the game as is right now. Stop begging, it aint happening.


The story in PW is pretty deep already.

Besides, I would totally prefer a NEW MGS game than just a remake of a PSP game, that I already played.

Honestly doesnt suit me to be begging and waiting years for a game you can play NOW.

Nitrowolf23079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"And if I had to port it to another console, I would add even more depth to the story."
A MGS fan would want this or at least i would

DJexs3079d ago

raztad probably thinks that MGS: Rising is great and actually a part of the series.

Count3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I hope that your comment was sarcastic, because if not, you're either sore or ignorant. Maybe both.

Bobbykotickrulesz3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

@ raztad

lol, I played/bought the original Metal Gear games the day they came out on the Nintendo, so shut the fuck up and stop acting like you're the coolest MGS player around.

Because really, I'd bet money you'd never even played a Metal Gear game til the 3rd or 4th installment.

Count3079d ago

Then bet away.

I don't think that I need to tell you how stupid it is to make bets, especially on what you don't even know you can win.

DJexs3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

It is not sarcastic MGS:Rising isn't a real metal gear solid. Hideo didn't make it, his team did. It isn't his work, its his teams. I do not consider it a real MGS because of that sole fact.

Bobbykotickrulesz3079d ago

Hey Anomen, was I talking to you? No? Then why the fuck are you talking to me?

Anyway, I would bet that 90 percent of MGS players had never even heard of the game until it came out on PlayStation. Maybe even PS2.

Eamon3079d ago

raztad isn't an MGS fan.
Don't fall for his trolling.

Every MGS would want a port to the PS3. Especially those who don't have a PSP.

Army_of_Darkness3079d ago

we all would love an HiDef, 60fps remake/port of MGS:PW Rite?! so what's all this commotion about?!
If it happens, Great! If not, get a psp!

morganfell3079d ago

Not all of Kojima's personal team is involved with Rising. He stated that the best people are working on his next project, not Rising.

I always want more true Metal Gear...done right. But anyone foolish enough to think that Peacewalker isn't already a full, deep, stirring, and most realistic Metal Gear to date needs to take 20 feet of good rope and locate the nearest tall tree.

Insomnia_843079d ago

True and I've put over 70hrs into this game and I'm not done with it yet. It's so f******g addictive!!

DaTruth3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The game is custom built for the PSP and the levels are designed around that. You can literally play levels between bus transfers!

It wouldn't make sense to port it to the PS3 and if I had my choice I would prefer Kojima get to work on the next installment, rather than me playing the game again!(And it's the type of game where you play levels multiple times in the story mode, so that would kill it even more)

Edit: Actually, I'd prefer he even go work on MGSR to make sure it's a game worthy of the name!(Playing a good MGS game is more important to me than mocking 360 fanboys)

badz1493079d ago

I would rather have a new MGS game over MGS PW PS3 port any day. I haven't played PW yet due to my PSP being fvcked up at the moment and I'm too busy playing on my PS3, but I still hope PW stays on the PSP. PSP's library is building up and making more of its games available elsewhere is counter-productive in terms of popularizing it and appeal it to more gamers! PSP is an awesome platform but it still can't run away from the image of being just 'another' PS platform outside Japan! people need to see the PSP as THE platform for awesome games and these exclusive games are helping it to achieve that. it's a hard battle for Sony but seeing as they are already considered successful in Japan, PSP is here to stay and YES, the games as well; lets just hope they stay on the PSP exclusively!

raztad3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

LOL what a commotion up there. I even was called troll.


Congratulations. It doesnt change the fact you are not playing PW, or are you? Now GTFO!


Dunno why are you calling me troll. MGS:PW is a game built from the ground up for the PSP and it works very well. The only reason you want it on the PS3 is because you dont own a PSP. That's not my case. Besides the little machine needs this game much more than the PS3.

BTW, I never mentioned Rising. I'm not excited about that game or expecting great things about it. In a recent interview Kojima talked about the New Project he is working on:

I'm surprised nobody paid attention.

Deios3079d ago

We don't all have a PSP, so I will also like to see a port on ps2 or ps3.

creatchee3079d ago

Raztad got called a troll in this particular article! BWAHAHAHA!!!

First off, he's a solid PS3 fan. I won't say fanboy, although his allegiences are unquestioned.

Second, he's on my PSN friends list and I've SEEN HIM PLAY MGS!!! How the hell could he possibly troll this article?

People throw "troll" and "fanboy" around way too easily (and frequently at those who aren't anything of the sort).

mt3079d ago

i played the game , so i want new MGS.

Hideo_Kojima3079d ago

I wonder how many people have threatened to kill him this time...

sikbeta3079d ago

As a MGS Fan I want MGS5 aka MGS:PW on my PS3, I'm not dismissing the PSP Version, It's Awesome but I want PW on the PS3...

HSx93079d ago

I'm not going to play this game even if they port it to PS3, this dude sold himself out by Microsoft, he basically slapped all of the PS3 community in the face.

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HDgamer3079d ago

You most likely watched the gt retrospective then watched the mgs4 youtube gameplay video's then claimed you own and played most of the series to completion which would be a apparent lie. Real die hard fans already know about the 3 MGO's that is still going strong till this date. The original which started on the ps2 was really the very best of it's series besides a few glitches.

Nitrowolf23079d ago

"The original which started on the ps2 was really the very best of it's series besides a few glitches. " are you speaking of MGS3? yeah that was a great game, but the Original MGS1 on PS1 and before that was the Metal Gear series

If your talking about timeline then yes MGS3 (not counting MG games)

HDgamer3079d ago

I was talking about the online portion lol. Subsistence started the first ever metal gear online. I still miss the old maps and random complaining.

Solidus187-SCMilk3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Id buy that for sure. I wonder if it would be 40, or 60. Id pay 60 but a port of a psp game should cost less.

I dont plan on buying a psp, so this would be great, more people could buy it. There are alot of people who would but it on ps3(HD with AA I hope) who dont have psp.

Consoldtobots3079d ago

well jack-hoff I think got you beat, I played metal gear on the turbo gfx 16.
talk about a broken game, I got stuck in a room with no way out and thats as far as the game went. lol

theEnemy3079d ago

I don't want to play MGS5 on a freaking tiny screen with PS2 Graphics.

starvinbull3079d ago

Let the portable game have its day first. Give a year head start and then start on the PS3 version.

execution173079d ago

PSN+ or MGS PW... T_T i want both but i can't afford both with the budget i'm on

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-Mezzo-3079d ago

I hope he does it. i still haven't bought the game yet.

Hellsvacancy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Neither me, i aint gotta PSP so thats a bad start, id defo buy it if it was released on the PSN though

sinclaircrown3079d ago

Although, I haven't played 1-3 yet, so I would love a remake of those on PS3. MGS4 was epic!

NecrumSlavery3079d ago

Playing MGS4 without playing the predesecors is insane. There's so much story, so many hidden Easter eggs. Play the prequels and play 4 again. It'll be a whole new experience.

Ares84PS33079d ago MGS1 remake. IF they would do that I would be the happiest man.

PirateThom3079d ago

MGS1 already had a remake and a digital graphic novel release...

I'd rather a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, if anything has to be remade.

Ares84PS33079d ago

As in terms of graphics.

What you guys call "remakes" are not that great and aren't out for the PS3.

Ocelot5253079d ago

but they replaced the good soundtrack from the PS1 by a stupid one

PirateThom3079d ago

"I would add even more depth to the story."

Oh lord, please do it!

The story is incredible as is, who doesn't want more?

ThanatosDMC3079d ago

Also, it'd be really nice if we can hunt again. Big Boss joked about it with Paz and the french girl.

"Kojima is god!" -Kaz (aka Miller)