Worms PSN Limited Time Price Reduction

Team17 have reduced the price of Worms on the worldwide PSN for a limited time only.

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gaffyh2965d ago

I wonder when Worms 2 will come to PSN, hate the fact that all Team17 games seemed to have timed exclusivity on 360 :(

Anon19742965d ago

They confirmed this for PSN, and they were beta testing back in March but no idea when they're releasing the entire game.

I love this game. It's a great "Having a few beers with buddies" game, and I've been playing Worms since back in the Amiga days.

Lucreto2965d ago

I am in the Beta. I can't say much but it is fun.

Cajun Chicken2965d ago

Bah. I'll get Worms 2 Armageddon. Armageddon was always my favourite, isn't it mainly a remake of that?

JsonHenry2965d ago

I love this game. But I kill my own worms on accident more often that the enemy does. :)

redDevil872965d ago

Don't buy it. I have it and no 1 is ever online and the matchmaking is terrible

lagoonalight2965d ago

The point is to buy it and find people. The matchmaking, good god, how could it be any easier if no one is online. You join any server that is up douchebag. Please buy this so people can play online. The 360 community was way more into this which sucks as this game is awesome. Sure, it is a bit limited but it's endless fun for a few good 4 vs 4 matches. Full 4 person chat and they did patch it to fix anything. Pretty great game if you have people to play with.

swinesucker2965d ago

This is also better than the 360 version. Slightly better graphics and a couple more weapons from what I read. 1080p native, too.

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k2d2965d ago

I play this game regularly. It owns!

Now, a price cut could only mean Armageddon is only a few months away.

ForNgoods2965d ago

this was coming out on psn. i'll just wait then despite still having a copy on my dreamcast.

2963d ago