See Sonys Move with 'Time Crisis Razing Storm' causing a storm?

Hands on with the Move and Time Crisis

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Spenok3053d ago

Looks like it could actually be worth it. Ill have to think about this.... ::strokes chin::

krisprolls3053d ago

Yeah it rocks. Even better with the "gun" PS Move addon.

DA_SHREDDER3053d ago

Oh shit, its in HD? Dude, when is Sony gonna stop raping my wallet?

BX813053d ago

Why would someone rape your wallet? Does it have pretty bird lips like urs?

skrug3053d ago

it comes with 3 games too

Apolloeye3053d ago

looks accurate, for a moment there I considered buying it, hang on, and again - dam you Sony why does everything you make have to be awesome!!

jack_burt0n3053d ago

3 games on one disc, sold.

supersonicsaga3053d ago

Already was going to buy it at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.