The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Yellow One

Dick Ward writes: "The Yellow Light of Death has struck my PS3. This leaves me without a device to play PlayStation 3 games, and without a Blu-ray player. My grieving during this difficult time has taken the form of poetry – inspired in part by all the ‘Halo’ haikus I’ve been reading. I’d like to share it with you."

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Just Re-ball it, reflows are flippin useless as the tin based solder balls are obviously still there.

Anyone who has YLOD should take their console to a Re-ball specialists, he will resolder the graphics chip and anything else causing the problem with leaded-solder.

SillySundae3056d ago

4 RROD <- that was it for me

darthv723056d ago

To proclaim you dont have a problem doesnt change the fact that others have however.

My bud sent his 60gb to a place called PSR to do the reflow and it worked for less than a month. He could send it back to them but there is no guarantee on a rework so he is biting the bullet and sending it to sony (how he can do that after it had been opened by a 3rd party....???)

He will have spent close to $275 to try and have it fixed (sony: $150, psr: $109 plus shipping). Unfortunately there is no easy way to just get another unit and be back up and running.

You cant take the hdd and put it into another unit without it wanting to wipe the drive. You cant make a backup of the drive without the unit running (or so i think).

I certainly had my share of console issues with a dre ps2 (x2) a bad laser in a dreamcast, wii sound chip burned out, and the ever popular rrod on my 05 360 (havent had any issues since repair...finds wood to knock on)

I dont make fun of those who's systems crap out for whatever reason. It shouldnt happen but the fact is it does. Some may treat their stuff like total crap and it works forever and others baby them and they poop out (ha ha baby...poop)

I think there are real issues with these consoles and those who choose to poke fun or pass off the issues as non existent will take a change of heart when it does happen to them.

Even with console revisions the possibility of failures are still prevalent. Moving parts give out at some point. Even non moving ones do the same.

Just be a little bit more understanding of others who have these issues even if none of you do not.

Imperator3056d ago

I'm a big PS3 fan, but I did have one YLOD (on my PS3 phat). I was really saddened by it, but at the same time I had a Ps3 sim already so no biggie. My 360, however, is whole other story. 3 RRODs so far.

wages of sin3056d ago

What you just wrote was concise, thought provoking and honest. You get an agree and a bubble from me. If I coule, I'd give more.

You da man.

stevenhiggster3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I had a YLOD on my 60gig, luckily I took out the continuous play deal so got a new 60gig (well a refurb) the next day :-) And I'll get another and another and another forever! But hopefully it won't ever happen again anyway. Continous play is the shiz.

I was proper sad when it happened :-(

ukilnme3056d ago

1 YLOD - $157 in repairs later, still happily supporting PS3.
0 RROD - My Elite has been running strong. Hope it stays that way.

SaberEdge3056d ago

My PS3 freezes all the time, but at least it has never YLOD on me.

DaTruth3056d ago

I had a RLOD on my 60 gig at 3.5 years old. When I finally deduced that it was the fan that had stopped running, it got stuck on with no fan running; Then it was a YLOD!

One day I'll get around to repairing it, but I just wen out and bought a Slim after a month(just to prove I could go a month without it).

badz1493056d ago

if that's the case, try 'refreshing' your PS3. it works most of the time to fix minor issues.

ThanatosDMC3055d ago

If you have a fatty, make sure you clean out those damn dust bunnies. It will eventually kill you PS3 if you dont. It took 3yrs with heavy use to finally kill my fat PS3 but i still manage to do the temp fix to get most of my unprotected save files back.

Sucks when i found out i could connect PS3s together for a complete transfer though...

Bereaver3055d ago


At least it wasn't a red light at the beginning of the tunnel! Stop! You can't even start!

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gonzodamus3057d ago

Reball? I'm not familiar with the term outside of paintball and a Google search proved unhelfpul.

Biggunz3056d ago

this isn't news! WTF! N4G is nothing more then a glorified fanboy forum.


Sharingan_no_Kakashi3056d ago

syllables mark a haiku
yellow lighted oaf

AAACE53056d ago

Save the trouble and just buy a new one! It will be money well spent.

Highlife3056d ago

I have had the YLOD and did the reflow myself. The fix cost me $25 for a heat gun at ace. The process is very simple. I did it about six months ago and all is well (knock on wood).

original 60 gig fat

talltony3056d ago

Do what I did 2 days ago. Do hair dryer trick, see how on YouTube. Then take it yo Gamestop and and sell it to them for 200 bucks and get a slim from them. That is the smartest cheapest solution because if u keep fixing it, the ylod always comes back eventually.

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RatFuker3057d ago

not a single darn YELLOWLIGHTOFDEATH.

2 rrod's

halojunkie3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

poor guy in the article...
and to don, and sackgirl and ratfuker

no ylod

6 rrod's

BeaArthur3056d ago

In your attempt to make fun or the 360 you just made yourself look like an idiot. If you actually made it to 6 RRoD's you are the biggest sheep of all time.

KingKiff3056d ago

The YLOD is a myth made by 360 fanboys... JJ

But it is almost so rare that it need not be counted and I could safely say that at least %50 of people here on N4G saying they have had a YLOD are just trolling.

I have seen uncountable RROD on mates Xbox's but never seen a PS3 die other than when my bro's console got bricked by an update bout 3 years back (but that was fixed for free).

gonzodamus3056d ago

I've got one RROD and one YLOD so far. The RROD was under warranty though, so it didn't hurt as bad.

darthv723056d ago

I just find it funny that last line was a dig at sony and peeps be hating.

truth hurts i guess.