Videogame-Device Makers in Talks About Portable 3G Connections

The massive push by wireless carriers to provide 3G and 4G networks has been the primary focus of mobile phone manufacturers for some time now. Gaming has shied away from the idea of 3G networking in favor of alternative measures, like local WiFi. That appears to be changing as Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo has stated that they have been talking with Nintendo and Sony to provide 3G capabilities to next generation of handheld devices.

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Sevir042695d ago

i wonder who will they partner up with for this. i'm sure this will be something revealed at either TGS or E32011

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2695d ago

It prolly wont be a PSP2 but TGS will most likely bring answers. When is that btw?

Blaze9292695d ago

for the love of gaming and tech it better not be AT&T

D4RkNIKON2695d ago

YES YES YES YES YES!!! WOOOO F'N HOOOO! About damn time. I want an iphone crusher. I have an itouch and I love it, but as for gaming it is weak sauce, a PSP with 3G access would be so damn nice.

sikbeta2695d ago

WOW YEAH!!! SO Much Win with this, Day One Purchase, get rid of my mobile-phones and Jump into Totally Enjoy this Device...

FragGen2694d ago

This is an awesome development, but with the crazy carrier data fee situation in the US will probably end up costing a ridiculous amount of $$$ per month.

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topgeareasy2695d ago

4G is better in terms of future proofing

talltony2695d ago

mp gaming anywhere with 3g. Just hope they dnt charge for it like a service.

Stealth20k2695d ago

Fake fake fake like all the other psp2 rumors

2Negative2695d ago

- heldheld gaming platform
- e book reader
- mobile phone
- netbook

If it get all this then I'm sold. Day one by for me.

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