What Kinect & Milo Could (but probably won’t) Be

as bitsofjoy imagines the ideal experience with Kinect, they remind you to not to interact with litte children you don't know in real life as the idea of Milo encourages. They also remind you to...

"Keep in mind that all the features in here have been thought through, and are very achievable (assuming the voice recognition/text-to-speech is of a decent standard.) The easiest way to communicate my vision of what Microsoft’s ‘Touch Kids!’ (working title) could be is in the medium of a playscript. So stop whispering and get some ice cream in you."

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bgrundman3084d ago

Milo is a myth and will never see the light of day... sorry!

spaceindaver3084d ago

Apparently not! I'm too lazy to find the link but apparently he will still happen. But then Molyneux uses his mouth both talking and doing number twos.

Spolodaface3084d ago

he'd better - Microsoft should at least wait until Kinect is released before breaking all their promises. Fools.

N4GAddict3083d ago

It will exists but Milo won't be as advertised.