CVG: Fable III Interview

Some love him for his fiery, rapacious ambition - and the sheer scale of his aspirations. Some denounce him for the exact same reasons.

But most with any interest in video games will agree that this would be a far more tedious industry without Peter Molyneux.

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pangitkqb3082d ago

isn't the most reliable source of truth regarding his games, but I'll be damned if he doesn't honestly try to push boundaries. Although he has routinely failed to live up to his promises, the games he has made have still been rife with fun and hours of entertainment and that is what quality gaming is all about. I loved the original and Fable II and I heartily look forward to Fable III.

GWAVE3082d ago

And maybe Fable III will live up to the promises of the first Fable...

I, for one, greatly dislike Molyneux and any other game devs that promise one thing and then completely don't deliver (Bethesda is another example). It's one thing to say it's an idea but then admit that it isn't going to be in the final product. It's another thing entirely to mislead your fans into believing something and then leaving it out of the game without prior warning (using your own character in co-op in Fable 2, anyone?)