GGTL Exclusive Video: Six Minutes of Metroid Other M Gameplay

[email protected] | "Here it is, the video you Metroid fans have been waiting for - just over six minutes of Other M gameplay, piping hot and fresh off the E3"

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Brasi822697d ago

The commentary while the guy was playing the game made me laugh. Looks sweet though. Might take awhile to get use to the controls from the looks of it. It's a pre-order and day 1 pickup for me.

eagle212697d ago

Looks sweet as heck. I will be spending 100 hours plus on this. :)

browngamer42697d ago

AMAZING!!! Is there a better series than metroid?-Some might say say it starts with a zel..and ends with a da...personally though nothing tops metroid!

EvilTwin2696d ago

"The aesthetics are the same as we've seen in most of the Metroid series, especially the Primes."
----------------------------- ---------------------------

Well, no. Not at all. Prime was all about lush environments. Other M is confined to one ship apparently (like Fusion).