Kinect Software Will Work with Seated Players When 'Developed with Sitting in Mind'

Microsoft has clarified that Kinect is very capable of recognizing a user that's sitting, an aspect of the new tech that continues to be a point of confusion. "Kinect can be used while sitting when an experience is developed with sitting in mind," a representative for the company confirmed to Joystiq today.

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Omega43022d ago

Hopefully this will silence the haters who keep complaining about this feature, even though it was obvious it would allow it from the start.

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siyrobbo3022d ago

they will find something to moan about, they always do

Christopher3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Only time will tell the level of possibility and success of both Kinect and Move. I'm learning to be a bit more patient each day with both of these.

Donny3022d ago

reminds me of sci3nt0l0gy...

tinybigman3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I like playing my games relaxed. I don't even play my wii standing up you douche bags

krisprolls3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

@Omega : You're really naive, maybe that's because you're young...

If Kinect works while sitting then :

- why is there zero Kinect game playable while sitting ? (confirmed)

- why did MS ask devs not to make games you play while sitting ? (confirmed)

- why do 3rd party games like Ruse support Move and don't support Kinect ? (confirmed)

Please help me my friend.

Hint : because it doesn't work and it's just another lie / PR bullshit by MS / Molyneux / Greenbot.

tinybigman3022d ago

wow what a fail of tech if i've ever seen one.

Fulensenca3022d ago

If I had to say in one word: Disaster.

They have time to improve it ... maybe.

iamnsuperman3022d ago

MS have promised a lot and not delivered (for instance where the hell is that feature that were present in the trailers about recognising your own skateboard and also having more than 2 people playing at the same time). I am only going to believe it when I see it.

beardpapa3022d ago

so will those games developed for sitting use feet and legs as methods of motion control as well? e.g. driving game will it recognize my feet like it's stepping on brake and gas.

AAACE53021d ago

So there you have it... there will be games for the *ss dwellers! Even though the games for Kinect are meant to get you up and moving around, you can still sit on your ass and get fatter! Now, no more complaining please...

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Tony-A3022d ago

What I want to know is....

Who gets control of Kinect when there are two or more hands in the air trying to play and control the movie?

As for this, I'm pretty sure they mentioned this before. I just hope you make racing games "with sitting in mind".

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Omega Zues3022d ago

"Developed with Sitting in Mind"

So umm... apparently sitting, will be an update when the developers create it...

am i getting this right? Because my mind just exploded.

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