Up Next For PlayStation Plus (JAPAN)

The new lineup will take effect on July 21 and run through August 17.

Here's what will be available.

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Myst3084d ago

Hmm think I'll be buying plus next month depending on what comes out. Not really seeing much benefit in it as every game on discount I pretty much have especially the DLC stuff to. The all that stuff that is given away sure is interesting...

PoSTedUP3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

i dont see how i dont have this service yet. i mean i am fine with playstation Home and playing my games online for free, but this really does pack a punch in terms of value.

[email protected] alex below- yeah like if your anticipating a new psn game and dont know if they are going to discount it at a later date. with $60 boxed games you know for a fact that the price will come down, so you wait. i here ya... i doubt them newer games will get discounts, at least until sony runs out of games to discount.

Alex Kidd3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The thing I don't like about plus is the fact new games won't be on offer straight away, so do I buy them when theyre new or just hope sony puts them on offer soon? It will just be annoying when a month down the line sony is offering them either for free or at a discounted rate for plus members when I have already purchased them and am a plus member.

Myst3084d ago

@Posted up:

This is the same dilemma I am in as well, which is why I'm waiting until they bring something in that makes it worth while. For now it seems more like a status with very few benefits.

@Alex Kidd:

Yep I guess the best way is to stay connected with Playstation Life style or Playstation blog. I think they usually state what is going to happen. More than likely if Sony would ever offer it as free it will be a while so Plus members won't get cheated.

Alex Kidd3084d ago

Yeah your probably right but I just cant decide whether to subscribe, because anything from the store I like I would normally buy straight away so when something I like becomes available on PS Plus I would probably already have it.

But it does offer alot of value and a couple of good features (auto dloads etc.) But I just think if they had've done say 25% off everything old or new to PS Plus members it would be alot more apealing

Myst3084d ago

@Alex: Same here, it seems like it would be something extremely good for those who don't know a lot about PSN and it's offers, but for the likes of those who visit N4G or any other game sites it would take a lot to appease them. Though it would vary from one person to the next.

I would assume that on some weekends or whatnot they would probably up the discount rate. Or perhaps they may do that for those who have had PS Plus for a long time.

Will admit that it looks somewhat appealing, but still not enough yet something that I personally will wait and see :/.

Red-Dead-Roar3084d ago

this is playstation plus JAPAN.
should have been mentioned somewhere.

dates are not the same as eu/us either.
next update will be aug3 in eu/us.

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M-Easy3084d ago

Yes, this thing is paying for itself.

talltony3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I hate how they choose what game we get each month for free. We should choose ourselves. Most likely they will just give away psn games that are not selling as much anymore.

Microshock3084d ago

We choose? Then Sony would make no money on new releases.

Tony-A3084d ago

Everyone would choose MW2 DLC to be free and Activision would implode on itself for losing more than one penny.

It would be cool, but never gonna happen. They gotta regulate things a certain way.

yippiechicken3084d ago

Maybe they could offer a couple titles people could choose from. That would appeal to more people I would think.

talltony3084d ago

give us a choice between certain games to get for free.

jay23084d ago

C'on Sony, if you want a customer (AKA me) justify your self with some decent stuff, for example the MOH BETA would........... Oh wait, got to keep xbots happy, haven't we?

jay23084d ago

Loving the disagrees guys, says it all.

Cregan45843084d ago

You do? Here is another one for you then. Thank me later!

Szarky3084d ago

You're not missing much with the MOH beta. After putting in over 80 hours into BC2 multiplayer, MOH feels like a watered down version of BC2 that had drunk sex with COD. Maybe we'll get Killzone 3 beta.

finbars753084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I cant believe the crap all the people who have sony plus are getting.This is exactley why Im not buying it.I had this funny feeling they where going to give people nothing.I mean games and avatars that everyone already owns because they have been out for a year or so.Plzzzzz maybe something new and refreshing not the same old crap.Waste of $50 to me.I dont need this just to get betas I get them for free anyways.Why bother.

ExPresident3084d ago

I'm pretty sure this is for Japan. If your in the U.S. or somewhere else you should wait for the official announcement before hating.

Garnett3084d ago

Hey if people wanna pay for discounts, let them.

Ill be paying for superior online (which sucks, cuz XBLS should have free online play)

Red-Dead-Roar3084d ago

this is PS+ JAPAN...

us 2nd month starts aug3 and content has already been announced.

roblef3084d ago

I mainly got it for Qore, which is $25 a year, right? I also don't download a whole lot of avatars and themes or PSN games -- they have to be really important or groundbreaking for me to do that, so this lets me try stuff I'd never waste money on. It's a pretty decent deal, if you ask me.

Szarky3084d ago

"I mainly got it for Qore, which is $25 a year, right?"

That's exactly why $50 was nothing to worry about for me. I would have had to renew Qore in Oct. so $25 for some discounts, betas, themes, avatars, game trials, not a bad deal.

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