Was Kinect-Enabled Dance Central Really One of the Best Games of E3?

Why! Why, you keep asking, did Kotaku heap so many awards on Dance Central? And what about the Game Critics? They did too? Has the world gone crazy?

Now's your chance to find out. We've got the project leader of Kotaku's best new game of E3 2010 on the phone live to take your calls live on Kotaku Talk Radio right now.

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GWAVE2996d ago

No, it was not one of the best games. Some media outlets simply forgot their previous standpoint of "casual sucks" because there was a Microsoft label slapped onto the game.

captain-obvious2996d ago

oh well its kotaku
they'll do what ever they can to make MS's picture better

TotalPS3Fanboy2996d ago

different from DDR at the arcade. Or DDR with EyeToy.

Double Toasted2996d ago

But I find Kotaku containing less ads than 95% of websites or they're just greatly placed out of the viewers sight creating a severly less annoying browsing experience. IMO anyway...

On topic: Does this game have M.C. Hammer songs? U Can't Touch This? Its Hammertime!?!?!?

StanLee2996d ago

It's DDR without the mat but most of the gaming media thought it was surprisingly the best game at the show. It won the Game Critics award for Best Original Game at E3.

IdleLeeSiuLung2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Because the mat can only track you foot steps, not your whole body. It seems people don't get that.... full body tracking... not a 4 button input that your feet can stomp on!

With that said, I don't think Dance Central is the best game of E3 though.

Biggest2996d ago

Did you see any full body tracking in this game? I saw a dude on the screen dancing like a dancer while a dude on the stage was dancing like a nerd with two left feet and two right elbows.

IdleLeeSiuLung2996d ago

The game told you what to do in the pictures and you mimick that. Then you get points.

Are you questioning if Kinect is able to track the body?

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Yi-Long2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

... don't get me wrong: I'm not interested in it one bit!

But as soon as my girlfriend sees it, or her sister, or her nieces, they will all want to play that game! It's an absolute given!

So yeah, IF it works properly, and gets everything right (music, replayability, price, etc), it should be a bestseller which will give a whole lot of people a whole lot of fun!

And for me, a huge Kinect-skeptic (I'm not interested in it AT ALL), it was pretty much the only Kinect-related showcase that was actually convincing that Kinect COULD become a succes.

randomwiz2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Being hardcore 24/7 isn't fun. Its why games like LBP, mario, and other casual games are a nice breath of fresh air. In my opinion, Just Dance is one of the best wii games, and the gameplay is how the wii was meant to be played. I have fun playing it on off days or after a long stressful day of work. Sure you'll look silly, but its fun to play with friends/family, and you'll be having too much fun to care about how silly you look. I guess it would be kind of boring to play it alone though...

Dance Central is Just Dance on steroids. Hopefully there will be many more songs than the few in Just Dance, and hopefully this will be a little more accurate.

The Lazy One2996d ago

It's not that casual sucks, it's that bad casual games suck. Being that most casual games suck, people equate that to mean casual games suck.

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T9X692996d ago

A game for Kenict being one of the best games of E3? That will not blow over well with the N4G community.

Red-Dead-Roar2996d ago

and you obviously know nothing about dance central.... or hardcore gamers for that matter.

Bigpappy2996d ago

SDF is really doing their best to fight Kinect. They will fight the media, developers, people who actually played the game and said it was the most fun they had at E3. All these people are liars or paid off. Am I right SDF? RRiiight.

36T2996d ago

lmao! so true! buuuu buuuuu BUT.... Move is all that matters. It's nothing like the Wiimote!! I'm telling you!!! Listen to me dammit!! Hard 2 da Core yo! lmao!

asyouburn2996d ago

of fighting itself. you dont have to be sdf to see that kinect is only for babies and people who cant handle the 360 controller.

SupaGamer2996d ago

Obviously they were looking at it from a causal/mainstream perspective.

PSfan092996d ago

a nerd dancing and busting moves. LOL

Omega42996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

The reason it was one of the best games and gained multiple awards was because it truly showed what Kinect is capable of and is a game which can't be replicated on any other console.

Its games like DC which will help make Kinect huge.


*sigh* Don't know why im bothering but take a look at this video from MS press conference (which you obviously didn't watch) when they show her dancing and her moves there is a small yellow square on the middle right edge displaying her movements. I suggest in future you don't comment on thing you don't understand.

mrv3212996d ago

Strangely enough it's also one of the games that does not show your actual movements in game... but instead what you should be doing.

Red-Dead-Roar2996d ago

trying to keep up with the scripted video are we....

Gun_Senshi2996d ago

Whats this on PS2 using Eyetoy?

klado2996d ago

Wut, if that was eyetoy, then kinect has it ugly.

Anyway, ain't to interested in kinect myself, but it still seem fun.

RockmanII72996d ago

It's not about the hardware, its about the game. DC looks to actually get and keep you moving and uses your entire body. That iToy (see what I did there) game looks boring.

trounbyfire2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

it show a character on screen doing the dance perfectly and it shows the moves that are coming up. you do the move thats highlighted but never do you actually see youself doing it because kinect see in 3D cam like the your shape game so you would see a blob dancing and that would be unattractive.

people that have played it have questioned if its even tracking your body. i could teach you that stuff with a whiteboard, marker, radio

asyouburn2996d ago

"not possible on other consoles?" copied from a joystiq article:
Speaking to Kotaku, Harmonix's Alex Rigopulos intimated that the company's upcoming Kinect title, Dance Central, might raise the roof on PS3. Should the game shake its groove thing on PS3, it will be doing so with the help of PlayStation Move. The Wii, unfortunately, will have to sit this dance out, as Rigopulos noted that its motion tracking capabilities aren't up to snuff.

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BubblesDAVERAGE2996d ago

and I think it is one of the best games showed...but it is just not for me

Red-Dead-Roar2996d ago

dancing is a drunken affair. not a living-room pleasure....

krisprolls2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Why do you think this crap is cool ?

It's dance game #137 I mean who cares, unless you're 12 ? Never played Dance Dance Revolution ?

/back to real games, on PS3

ATLGAMER2996d ago

or buy Kinect for it but in Kinect weak line up...this is the best game they had...which is still kinda SAD

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